10 Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water Every Day

The ancient world knew the citron, the genetic ancestor of the modern lemon, as malus medica, or the “medical apple,” because of its almost magical properties. The Romans knew that the oil from the peel had substantial anti-bacterial properties.

Later, during the great age of exploration, navies discovered that lemons and limes were rich sources of vitamin C that could counteract the devastating scurvy sailors were susceptible to.

But lemons have so much more to offer than most people know, so today we’ll take a minute to see all incredible ways of drinking lemon water that could transform your life.

1. Digestive health

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The first reason to drink lemon water is for your gut. Because lemons contain a lot of fiber from pectin, when you drink it, it helps maintain good colon health. When the focus is on digestion, it’s important to have your lemon water warm but not too hot or too cold.

Warm water corresponds to the temperature of your internal organs and systems (which average at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius) and helps you to eliminate toxins, especially in the morning.

2. Rehydration

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After a vigorous bit of exercise, you’re probably a little tired and very sweaty. While you can find all kinds of drinks that are supposed to help you replace what you lost during exercise, many of these have harmful artificial chemicals, flavors, and colors.

Instead, drinking lemon water will help your body naturally replenish the minerals that were lost during exercise, such as sodium and potassium. Lemon juice also contains small amounts of calcium and magnesium, which will help make sure you get your daily requirement of these vital substances.

3. Eye health

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While most will associate carrots with good eye health, as they are full of beta-carotene, which is a vital component for vitamin A, in fact, lemons do a great deal to help keep eyes healthy over time.

In these wonderful yellow fruit, it’s the vitamin C and its magical anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make such a big difference. These will help prevent common conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

4. Soft skin

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Before you start putting lemon juice on your skin, remember that we are talking about the benefits of lemon juice when it’s absorbed internally. Just as with the eyes, the key here is anti-oxidants.

While many people pay loads of money for cosmetics with anti-oxidants, why not consume them directly as you rehydrate? Besides, drinking lots of water is another key to having great skin. So start hydrating with lemon water and watch as your skin gets clearer and brighter, naturally.

5. Liver

Illustration – Shutterstock | mi_viri

Lemons are renowned for their tartness. We’ve all had that pucker-up moment prompted by the bold tang of a batch of homemade lemonade before. But what our palate registers as sour flavors are actually citric acid.

Scientists have been investigating how citric acid consumption can have a huge benefit for liver tissues through their ability to absorb free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. Since lemons are a great natural source of citric acid, they can definitely help safeguard your liver and assist it in its vital job of filtering toxins.

6. Potassium

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As we mentioned earlier, lemons have small but significant amounts of minerals that the body needs. Potassium is one that can be obtained from a diet rich in fresh fruits. While lemons aren’t the most potassium-rich fruit, they will help you get toward your daily goal.

7. Cold

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We all know how important a strong immune system is to staying healthy, especially during those cold winter months when viruses are spreading around the office and school like wildfire. There’s nothing worse than getting stressed and run down and catching everything that comes your way.

Vitamin C, also known as abscorbic acid, is crucial for strengthening your body’s defenses against germs and bugs. Our body can’t make it by itself, so finding sources of it in our daily diet is vital. Behind oranges, lemons are the second-highest source of vitamin C among the citrus fruits, so drinking lemon water will definitely boost your immunity.

8. Inflammation

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As scientists do more research on the mechanisms of aging, they have found that the common factor among centenarians, people living to more than 100 years, is that they have kept inflammation to a minimum through diet and lifestyle.

In order to repair tissues, your body needs help, especially as you get older, and lemons and other citrus fruits provide valuable anti-inflammatory compounds.

9. Metabolism

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Lemon’s natural fiber helps your stomach work better, and as a result, you’ll be less susceptible to intense hunger pangs that lead you to eat more than you should.

The fiber also helps you process the foods you’ve eaten more efficiently and effectively, keeping your metabolic rate high and your weight down.

10. Natural energy

Illustration – Shutterstock | David Mao

While we all feel the mid-morning sag, did you know that you can replace coffee with lemon water? Lemon water will give you a natural boost in energy level rather than the jolt of coffee. This will also help you avoid the harmful sugar and dairy that often come with coffee.

So, now you know what lemon water can do for you! Drink it warm, especially in the morning, and reap the benefits of this simple cure.


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