(100) Hyperlinks Defining the COVID Scam

Updated: 2020-08-11 18:10:05

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Some of the quotes in this article have been translated which can cause a subtle change of the wording, while the message remains the same. In order to know the exact original words, please check all the sources below. Watch the video's, read the scientific studies and see with your own eyes what is going on. This website is not meant to offer medical advice, but to inform about current world events. We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. We accept no responsibility for any harm that might occur due to an irresponsible reaction to this information. If you suffer from health issues, we encourage you to visit your own doctor. If you have covid-19 and want to be treated with HCQ, please share the original letter of Dr Vladimir Zelenko with your doctor so he can learn about the correct treatment protocol.


1: Professor Didier Raoult cures over a thousand covid patients
2: Dr Zelenko cured more than 900 coronapatients
3: One of the studies that confirm the effectivity of HCQ
4: Dr Meryl Nass exposes WHO and other fraudulent studies
5: HCQ study by The Lancet turns out to be total fraud
5B: America's Frontline Doctors gets censored massively
6: Dr Rob Elens forced to stop curing people from covid19 (Dutch video)
7: 1,700 medical doctors and professionals write to the Dutch government
7A: Dr. Knutt Wittkowski reveals how lockdowns didn't stop covid spread at all
7B: Dr. Brownstein cures 120 covid patients (Highwire video)
7C: Dr. Brownstein was censored, medical blog deleted
7D: Emergency care specialists cure covid patients
7E: Dr Richard Bartlett heals over 500 corona patients with Budesonide
7F: Midland Memorial Hospital says Budesonide cannot work
8: Nurse Erin Olszweski reports false covid registrations and murder
8B: Nurse New York reports murders in hospital
9: Facebook page with testimonials of fraud with covid figures
10: Lena Kayes testimony about false covid registrations
11: Funeral Directors reveal false covid deaths
12: Dr. Scott Jensen reveals that hospitals are heavily paid for covid registrations
12B: Fake Covid hospital Brazil

12C: Another empty Covid hospital in São Paulo

12D: President Brazil says corona is a media trick.

12E: Covid numbers double counted in England
13: Coroner declares: 'There is no killer virus'
14: Italian politician confronts government with covid19 fraud
15: Belgian publication De Tijd: only 3% of covid deaths were tested
16: President Tanzania exposes fraud with covd figures
17: Californian doctors examine 6,000 patients and expose media deception
18:Association of German doctors declare that corona is global crime
19: 1500 German doctors speak out against the covid scam
20: 120 specialists reject media hype around covid19
20B: Stanford University reveals low mortality rate covid-19
20C: Oxford University confirms low mortality rates
20D: No spread through people without symptoms
20E: WHO says no covid19 contamination through people without symptoms
20F: No contamination in shops and restaurants
20G:British Columbia: No contamination in open air
20H: WHO: mouth masks are not required
20I: Mouth masks do not filter viruses
20J: Canadian expert: mouth masks do not work
20K: Oral masks increase risk of infection
20L: Infection only by minutes of close-up contact
20M: One and a half meters distance is nonsense
21: Dozens of videos of brutal police violence against innocent civilians
22:Young man beaten to death by police
23: Police break into family homes and assault innocent man
24: President Brazil calls on government to resist illegal dictatorship
25: Letter from 1741 medical professionals to Dutch government
25B: 600 doctors call lockdown 'serious accident with massive casualties
26: German journalist Udo Ulfkotte confesses to bribery of the media
27A: World No. 1 virologist calls covid19 a media epidemic
27B: Mortality rate is only 0.4% for covid patients with symptoms
28: Former British Supreme Court Judge sees manufactured hysteria
29: Bill Gates calls vaccine industry best investment ever
30: Bill Gates is the biggest sponsor of W.H.O.
31: Bill Gates bribed W.H.O. so they declared a global pandemic
32: Bill Gates wants a digital vaccine ID to force people to be vaccinated
33:Bill Gates patented technology to trace human body
34: Program to link digital ID to vaccines
34B: Global monitoring network
35: Project to film the whole earth day and night via 24 satellites
36: Bill Gates says 700,000 people will suffer permanent side effects
37: Article by Robert F Kennedy about horrific damage caused by Bill Gates
38: W.H.O. vaccine specialists recognize life-size dangers of vaccines
39: Bill Gates wants to reduce world population by 15%
40: Petition of 570,000 to the White House against Bill Gates for crimes against humanity
41:Facebook page announces deaths due to vaccination in Philippines
42: Interrogation: Facebook hides information about vaccine damage
43: Three major Twitter accounts of Truth About Vaccines deleted
44: CDC destroys evidence that vaccines cause autism
45: Dr Meryl Nass: vaccines cause autoimmune diseases
46: Dr Thomas Cowan: vaccines cause explosion of diseases in children
47: Dr Richard Moskowitz: vaccines cause death and permanent injury
48: Dr Stanley Plotkin: vaccines contain animal tissue and aborted baby
48B: Vaxxed documentary on vaccine damage
49: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte knows nothing about vaccine damage
50:RIVM deceives population with misinformation about vaccine damage
51: Interview with RIVM employee
52: RIVM mentions that they are financed by Bill Gates
52B: Sara Cunial in the Italian Chamber of Deputies
52C: Interview between heads of government on contact tracing
53:Italian politician confronts bribery Italian Government
54: Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo discuss large-scale control network
55: Document Rockefeller Foundation outlines plan for total control
56: US population tracking bill
57: Google whistleblower reveals global manipulation by Google
58: Dr Robert Epstein: Google manipulates millions of votes during elections
58B: Facebook whistleblower Zach McElroy
59:Warning Archbishop and Cardinals about world dictatorship
60: Bill Gates is a member of the Bilderberger group
61: Bilderberger group bypasses democracy and manipulates governments
62: Hundreds of doctors warn of public health damage caused by 5G
63: Interview with Nigel Farage warning of dictatorship
64: Simulation of global pandemic starting in China
65: Bill and Melinda Gates announcing a global pandemic with a flu virus
66: Fauci announces there would be a 'surprise outbreak' during the first term of president Trump
67: Journalist Harry Vox predicted the 2020 global pandemic in 2014
68: Journalist Anthony Patch predicted the 2020 global pandemic in 2014
69: Bill Gates interview with CBS, saying 'multiple doses of the vaccine will be needed'
70: Coronavirus is RNA virus, which are known for constantly mutating
71: Source for the graph showing the covid19 mutations
72: Virologist and lugn specialist Dr. David Prins expresses his concerns about the vaccine push
73: 50% of all trial participants got immediate adverse reactions to covid vaccine
74: The movie 'Contagion' predicts in detail the current coronavirus pandemic
75: Download the book "Committee of 300' by CIA officer John Coleman
76: The Georgia Guidestones say humanity must not exceed five hundred million people
77: Download the 'Scenario for the Future' by the Rockefeller Foundation
78: Dr. Stella Immanuel saw 350 Covid-19 patients get better
79: NIH study reports that hydroxychloroquone prevents spread of the coronavirus

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