A Shocking Coronavirus Plot to Physically Harm President Trump Was Uncovered

Updated: 2020-04-07 17:03:03

The radical left will stop at nothing to remove Donald Trump from power.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is reaching a critical point.

A shocking coronavirus plot to physically harm President Trump was uncovered.

The mainstream media is seriously to blame for the way they have covered Trump from the beginning.

They’ve been giving more favorable media attention to the Taliban, which is a terrorist organization, than they’ve been giving to Donald Trump.

Every time Trump does something that’s not completely in line with the rules, the mainstream media go wild, and often ignore the fact that their beloved Barack Obama did far worse.

Already, Nancy Pelosi is working on setting up a panel that can blame Trump for the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus.

And the Chinese Communist government is responsible in large part for this outbreak.

Reports that the virus could have leaked from a Chinese top secret lab in Wuhan are no longer being discounted even by the mainstream media.

Mention of the virus was first reported late November in Chinese government reports, yet in early January, the Chinese were still reporting to the WHO that there was no evidence of transmission between humans.

Yet according to the mainstream media, it’s xenophobic to blame the Chinese government and the coronavirus spread is all to be blamed on Trump.

The mainstream media’s twisted coverage is having real life consequences.

A teacher was caught allegedly offering to pay people with diagnosed coronavirus to cough on Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner:

 A middle school teacher in Rhode Island is under investigation for reportedly tweeting that she will pay people infected with the coronavirus to cough on President Trump.

The Woonsocket School Department is investigating an unidentified teacher’s tweet that read, “Somebody with Covid-19, I will pay you to cough on #Trump.” The account has since been deleted, but subsequent posts show the user identified herself as a teacher at Villanova Middle School, according to NBC 10 News.

The teacher is currently on administrative leave and has no contact with students as the school investigates. School Committee Chairman Paul Bourget called the situation a “serious matter” and expects a decision by Wednesday.

“If this thing pans out, if it’s true she did it, then we’ll take appropriate action,” he said.

The teacher is responsible for her actions individually but the mainstream media bears guilt for this as well.

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They have left the business of being journalists to become propagandists for the Democrats.

A recent viral post said that while 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, the day after 9/11 brought a unity of Americans from all different races, religions and politics. Differences were forgotten and generosity abounded.

The coronavirus is a terrible tragedy, but it brings with it an opportunity to concentrate on what really matters.

Can the Democrats just stop trying to make the coronavirus into a partisan war, for just one second, can they not put aside differences for the sake of America until the crisis has passed?

Every American should be on the same side here.

We’re all doing our part to stop this virus, and should not ever wish the illness on political rivals.

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source : www.americanpatriotdaily.com