A Woman’s Shocking Kavanaugh Confession Just Revealed One Terrible Truth


The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings marked a low point in the American political system.

Democrats used hoax allegations about sexual assault to try and destroy his life and nomination prospects.

Now one woman’s shocking Kavanaugh confession just revealed this one terrible truth.

Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill was one of the four incumbents ousted by Republicans in the midterm election.

Public polling showed her holding a slight lead over Republican Josh Hawley until the Kavanaugh hearings.

Republicans in red states like Missouri were enraged at the Democrat’s conduct and surpassed the left’s levels of voter enthusiasm.

A month after her defeat, McCaskill sat for an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin.

And she shocked NPR’s liberal audience by blaming the Democrats conduct in the Kavanaugh hearings for her defeat.

“I don’t think my vote [against Kavanaugh] hurt me as much as the spectacle that occurred,” McCaskill claimed in the interview. “There were mistakes made by my party in terms of how that was handled. I don’t think that communication [from Christine Blasey Ford] to the judiciary committee should have been kept private as long as it was. The FBI deals with a lot of confidential information, and that would have absolved [judiciary committee ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein] of the very real perception that this was an 11th-hour attempt to gut a guy.”

McCaskill cited Dianne Feinstein keeping Christine Blasey Ford’s letter under wraps until the 11th hour before Kavanaugh’s final confirmation vote as part of the spectacle.

But that just scratched the surface.

Democrats paraded out multiple women making flimsy allegations against Kavanaugh.

Even one-time Presidential hopeful and creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti produced a written declaration from Julie Swetnick claiming Kavanaugh would drug girls’ drinks at parties and was present when she was gang raped.

The allegations collapsed as they were revealed to be lies, but the political damage to Democrats was mortal.

McCaskill’s comments about the Kavanaugh hearing stood out because Democrats never turn on their own.

Her comments make it clear she does not intend to run for office again.

Democrat party primary voters believe Kavanaugh is a drunken rapist who was protected by white privilege and the patriarchy.

They don’t want to hear how the Democrats misplayed their hand.

In fact, their main complaint about the Kavanaugh hearing is that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee did not fight hard enough.

These same Democrat voters will now demand the new House majority investigate Kavanaugh for perjury during his hearings.

They claim he lied about his high school and college drinking.

But it could push their party into certain doom.

McCaskill warned that the desire to investigate Trump to death could turn off swing voters and energize Republicans heading into 2020.

She told Martin, “I want them to be very cautious and careful to not go after him because they can, but to be careful about where they put the emphasis of their messaging and time so the American people don’t think this is just about Trump-bashing. We’re in trouble if they do that.”

But given that the midterm election exit polls showed 77 percent of Democrats want to see Donald Trump impeached, this advice is likely to fall on deaf ears.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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