Barack Obama Gave Democrats One Ultimatum That Had All Hell Breaking Loose

Updated: 2020-08-03 17:34:53

Barack Obama is still the leader of the Democrat Party.

Everyone knows Joe Biden is just a figurehead and that it is Obama calling the shots.

And now Barack Obama gave Democrats one ultimatum that had all hell breaking loose.

There is more than just the presidency at stake this November.

Democrats are trying to win a net of at least three Senate seats to take control of the upper chamber of Congress.

Polls show Democrats with a chance to pull off unified government and they are already laying out the most radical socialist agenda in American history.

Joe Biden and the Democrats want to pack the Senate with up to four new states and eight new permanent Democrat Senate seats, create tens of millions of new Democrat voters through mass amnesty for illegal aliens, ban and confiscate firearms, kill millions of jobs with a communist Green New Deal-style program, raise taxes by four trillion dollars and create a government-run healthcare scheme that will eventually snuff out private health insurance.

There is just one check standing in Democrats’ way: the legislative filibuster which mandates 60 votes to close debate.

Since Democrats will not win 60 Senate seats under even the most optimistic scenario, there will be enough Republicans in the Senate to block Biden’s socialist and anti-American agenda.

Enter Barack Obama.

In one of the most shameless and disgusting displays Americans have ever seen, Obama used John Lewis’s funeral to stage a campaign rally where he demanded Democrats eliminate the filibuster.

“Once we pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, we should keep marching,” Obama ranted. “And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster — another Jim Crow relic — in order to secure the God-given rights of every American, then that’s what we should do.”

This was quite a departure for Obama.

Back in 2005 when Republicans controlled the House and Senate and George W. Bush was President, Obama defended the filibuster as a fundamental American value to protect minority rights.

“What they don’t expect is for one party — be it Republican or Democrat — to change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet. The American people want less partisanship in this town, but everyone in this chamber knows that if the majority chooses to end the filibuster — if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate — then the fighting and the bitterness and the gridlock will only get worse,” Obama stated.

And as a final cherry on top, the latest example of a political party using the supposedly racist “Jim Crow relic” was when Democrats filibustered a police reform bill authored by black Republican Senator Tim Scott.

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The left’s only principle is political power.

Anti-American radicals like Barack Obama believe the 2020 election is going to hand Democrats a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn America into a socialist nation like Venezuela.

They will not let anything stand in their way.

That is why Obama is now calling for eliminating the filibuster and framing it in the language of so-called “social justice.”

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