Biden and the Dog -- Photoshopped Picture To Make Joe Look Like a Normal Guy, Even Better A Dog Person, But the Dog is Horrified

Updated: 2021-01-21 14:30:19

This was put out 3 days ago by Naomi Biden on twitter 

It sure is an odd picture. 

Why is his left leg up so high?I mean if you were laying on the floor you wouldn't try to elevate one leg?    

Seems more like he was leaning against a table and then they photoshopped him into this picture.

The missing shadow from his left hand is curious.

And the pop-up cloth seems very intentional to create the idea that it is in front of his right arm.

I don't think Joe could get on the floor, at all, and certainly could not get up if he did.

I think it is fabricated to make Joe look like a normal guy, he is anything but.



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