Clearly, Biden Is Not Being Filmed In The Real Oval Office --

Updated: 2021-01-23 00:16:05

 Check out the comments below on YouTube ---Clearly people know that some type of sham is going on.   The question is what and why?

Is it because the libs are so over joyed that Trump is gone, that their "guard" (what little they have) is down, and the Cabal wants to "program them" for the most extreme parts of their "policy".    These 17, note 17, "Executive Orders" were so publicized, so prepared (even the blank ones) effort at programming the sheep, and outraging the Waken (opposite of the woke).

Anyone got an other ideas or feedback, even trolls are welcome to comment.


NP Stock

joe, you know if your mask rides down your nose at all, it doesn't protect you or anyone else. its all for show, the show.
Ron Mayerp[ko[
A really bad actor in a really bad 'B' horror flic! They could have sent a little of the Hollywood money and created a proper CGI for the poor man. Deep state deflector shield that he is being used for.
NP Stock
screen caps of Trump walking by
Ulster Patriot
Joe's fake Presidency. Are we watching a movie? Think Castle Rock!!
Sweet parking lot. Right, this guy's President.
Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice that.
Ulster Patriot
Film Set! Just like the pre recorded fake inauguration! Castle Rock Entertainment! We are watching a movie!
Dirty Gerd
If you're going to fake his executive orders you might want to close the blinds.... The deep state really is stupid.
unless... it's for show?
And move the flags to their rightful place. They’ve NEVER been BEHIND the table, they’re not allowed to be. U should see the other videos where u can see light sky in one window, and the other window is dark and u see stage lights...such a joke!
David Brandt
@mon11680 So what is going on?
@David Brandt are u serious?? You haven’t been doing research?? Or watching timing? Or zooming in on videos and pictures?? I’ll help u start off with your own research...the inauguration was illegitimate. Why?? Bc the President and VP are to be sworn in 12:01 pm on the 20th. I clocked the swear in, and the entire thing was done BEFORE Noon. The US does not allow for 2 Presidents. Now start from there and do the leg work like the rest of us have
Different YouTube videos show him in different rooms, and on different tables!... doing the same damn signing! So I don't know what the hell's going on. they're idiots
Joe C
He Gave a eulogy for a guy WHO WAS A KKK MEMBER at his funeral he is one of the most racist, "if you don't vote for me then you ain't black" Joe Biden
His 'new chinese bodyguard', might be behind the curtains. LOL!!
Stephanie Wonser
Since when is there a parking lot outside of the oval office? Look out the window behind him there is a parking lot and a car parked there... you guys must really think we are stupid. He is a fake President and working in a movie set.
Jaaa C
secret service had to tear jo bi dinn away from sniffing all the children in the white house. its no easy task that's why the late start.
WeThe People
The new leader of the free world! Reading his notecards ladies and gentlemen... 🤦🏻‍♀️😫 emberassing.
shahar sinclar
You really don’t notice that he signing blank white pages??? Lol The power of illusion
if you look closely, you can see they are not blank. the quality of the video is low, which is why at first glance they appear blank.
Some are blank, and some actually have typing on them. Depends on what video you watch. Notice how he also doesn’t show the EO’s after he signs them like every other President has!
Bernstein Rap
what a president, so proud, so full of energy, so positive in all his appearance....and how he closed the exicutive orders so fast without showing it, this is so..."presidentual" lol
Benjamin Schroeder
Cause the papers were blank lol he's not signing anything🤣🤣
Taylor Campbell
did they removed the grass and walking path outside hte office and put parking lots behind it? hmmmmm... something to think about? is that a van outside? it looks different
Doobie Dog
Oval office on the ground floor too now?
M.F Ferguson
it's real picture
Newsflash: EVERYONE HAS BEEN LIVING IN A MOVIE FOR 57 YEARS!!!!! That's what Trump's been showing you.
Proper Gander 17
@AFCIII Whatev my god... Where is Biden here..??
Taylor Campbell
@AFCIII Whatev you got that right. This is probably a movie set from hollywood? Rumor has it that it is a tv set of the movie " Dave" or Nixon" the warner brothers sutdio facilities???
Sherri Frankowski
@AFCIII Whatev what do u mean? Living in a movie like illusion and things are not as their appear? Like cgi body doubles holograms sets that type of thing?
Obviously nobody told him that it's rude to speak when you have something in front of your mouth, but well who wants to listen to this bad actor anyways...
Jean Viard
Was not signed on the 20/01 . He was on Florida this day. Biden is not Présidente.
athena emmanouilidis
Did anyone notice that's not in the white house?
Darla Carpenter
Why are the papers blank and no ink. Something doesn't add up.
C List
Signed : I'm Jill Bidens Husband
James Grady
correction: "Dr Jill Hiden"
Zoon Politikon
Funny how the fact-check under the video says "Joe Biden is president". I guess we'll need to be reminded every day just in case we lose the faith?
Wyde A. Wake
Great catch.
Jan Stiffler
"Lest we forget" seems more apropo since it covers both our and his side of the events. Duality: what's done to 1 side will be done to both. Ergo the sayings "As above, so below".
This is not from Oval Office ... roads outside window.. fake?
Shaz shaz
Day 1 and Biden looks knackered already!
where can find a video of him explaining and singing all of them?
Mike Kijak
There is NO parking lot in the back of the oval office!!!! This is a fake room!!!
NPC #52700000389
Day 1 of Bidens presidency! We are not impressed! Impeach 46!
Jeffrey Dahmer 1973
Get ready for Gasoline to sky rocket!
Heather McGray
Are they allowed to park their cars right outside his office like that? Lol
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