Democrats Admitted Defeat on the One Impeachment Fight No One Thought Possible

Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Congress are in disarray.

Nothing about the Senate impeachment trial has gone according to plan.

And now Democrats admitted defeat on the one impeachment fight no one thought possible.

Going into the Senate impeachment trial, Democrats zeroed in on John Bolton as their dream witness.

President Trump blocked Bolton from testifying in the House by asserting executive privilege, but before the impeachment trial Bolton announced he would be willing to testify if the Senate subpoenaed him.

But the prospect of John Bolton testifying excited Democrats far more than the reality of a Bolton appearance before the Senate.

President Trump noted in a press conference in Davos that Bolton left the administration on bad terms after the President fired him over policy disagreements.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul described Bolton as a disgruntled ex-employee that had an axe to grind.

Democrats dreamed that Bolton – an extreme foreign policy hawk that favored war in all corners of the globe – would sell out a President that wanted to put America First and wind down endless wars in the Middle East.

However, as the prospects of calling witnesses dimmed because Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler insulted Republicans with their impeachment arguments, some Senate Democrats claimed Bolton wasn’t really their “dream” witness.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy claimed Bolton still desired a future in Republican politics so he would limit or couch any damaging testimony to preserve his standing with the Republican grassroots.

“I have low expectations for Bolton. I think we have to hear from him, but I think his next 20 years are tied up in making money and donations in book sales for Trump supporters,” Murphy claimed. “But if there’s a chance for him to be very clear about what the president said to him? Maybe. There is this one meeting between he and Trump in which, if he doesn’t claim executive privilege or ignores protections from the president, you could have some explosive testimony.”

Instead, Murphy told reporters that Democrats should focus on acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney who still officially runs the Office of Management and Budget, the agency that put the hold on the $391 million in military aid to Ukraine.

“Mulvaney is most important. All of the testimony seems clear that this entire thing’s run through Mulvaney and Mulvaney’s the one talking to Trump on a regular basis,” Murphy told reporters.

However, Murphy admitted that like Bolton, President Trump would assert executive privilege over Mulvaney’s testimony and force the Senate to wage a months’ long court battle to compel Mulvaney to appear.

“But Mulvaney’s going to claim executive privilege and it will be tied up in courts,” Murphy added.

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Democrats are once again moving the goal posts on witnesses.

First Bolton was their big ask.

Now it is Mulvaney.

Democrats will assuredly add more names to that of supposed “star witnesses” the American people need to hear from in order to prolong this farce.

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