Devin Nunes Completely Shut Down Adam Schiff With One Game-Changing Bombshell

Adam Schiff and the Democrats concluded three days of opening arguments trying to persuade the Senate to remove President Trump from office.

The fake news media praised Schiff’s performance and even some Republicans offered some grudging respect.

But that all ended when Devin Nunes completely shut down Adam Schiff with one game-changing bombshell.

During Schiff’s closing argument, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman cited the testimony of controversial witness Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman who said that unlike his native Soviet Union, “right still mattered” in the United States of America.

Vindman was a member of the cabal of seditious Deep State agents that played a game of telephone to develop the gossip they all “testified” on to claim in their opinion Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President was wrong.

In his testimony, the power mad and deluded Vindman made it clear that he saw unelected and shadowy career employees dictating the “interagency process” as the true centers of power in the American government.

Vindman’s view of his own job is that the President is a bystander as “experts” such as Vindman come to a consensus on policy through the “interagency process” and the President carries out their will.

Vindman also was caught in at least one lie where he falsely claimed he couldn’t take his concerns to his supervisor on the National Security Council because he was unavailable.

That was a lie.

Vindman was a rogue agent that people he served with in the military accuse of being a political hack.

Instead of following the chain of command, Vindman colluded with his twin brother- a lawyer on the National Security Council – and alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella to try and take down President Trump.

California Congressman Devin Nunes appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program and shut down any of the fake news lies about Vindman being some kind of Captain America style hero.

Nunes began the discussion by expressing amazement that Vindman and his mutinous brother were still employed on the National Security Council.

“Why not just say, ‘Mr. Vindman and your lawyer brother, take a hike?'” Carlson responded. “Nobody elected Mr. Vindman to anything, or his lawyer brother, or any of these people. The government exists for our benefit and it’s not working, so why is it so hard to do that?”

Nunes responded that the Vindman brothers could be rotated off the National Security Council and shunted off to some bureaucratic equivalent of Siberia within the federal government.

“That’s why I think I gave them very good advice which is, there’s plenty of empty buildings. Just say ‘Look, thank you for your service, just get off the premises,'” Nunes said.

Carlson fired back that since Vindman seemed most concerned about the fate of Ukraine he should go work for that country.

“Go work for Ukraine,” Carlson shot back.

“Maybe he will at some point,” Nunes answered.

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Nunes’ answer called back to the odd revelation from Vindman’s testimony that Ukrainian officials asked a lowly Lt. Colonel on three different occasions to serve as their Defense Minister.

Many Trump supporters believe the Ukrainian government was trying to cultivate a potential spy with that offer.

The Ukrainians correctly read that Vindman was an egomaniac that suffered from delusions of grandeur and the proper way to begin a potential recruitment was to play to his sense of self-importance.

Taken in totality, Vindman’s testimony and actions surrounding the July 25 conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky call in to question Vindman’s motivations and loyalties.

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