Dominion Systems -- Voting Hardware and Software -- Theft On A Huge Scale Is The Only Way To Sway That Election -- Feinstein Part Owner Of Company

Updated: 2020-11-12 14:30:04

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Has the Trump admin seen the threats but not the seriousness of acting against them with due force and speed?

Are they trying to "play nice, clean" and not acting too powerful for being power shamed?


As trump waits for the courts, he will get weaker and weaker, and be a lame duck for the rest of his term as the globalist Dems have planned and even announced before the election. Knowing that Trump would win they did all they could to rig the election not even caring if they were caught. 

To the globalists time is of the essence. The entire UN Agenda 21 (the Great Reset) for the planned totalitarian controls over virtually everything, as <b>announced </b> as the New World Order even by our illustrious globalist and socialist pope, is being trotted out in our midst.

Your Great-Reset lite President could well be part of the plan. But if not then he has to heed Archbishop Vigano (recent US Papal nuncio) and realize that the biggest mass deception and scam being committed against the human race in history in the Covid fraud, and as Vigano says, it is a pretext for the UN and Dem backed globalist Great Reset which is the rolling out of the first stage of the 1992 UN Agenda 21 plan, 

which first stage was endorsed by our pope and over 180 nations in NYC at the UN on Sept. 15, 2015. It is not conspiracy theory that the pandemic is providing the necessary government control mechanism to shut down our social, financial, commercial, and economic systems for the planned resets. 

It is fact. The Covid controls are not necessary for our safety or health. They are necessary to imposed centralized government controls over virtually every aspect of our lives. The pandemic was planned for this purpose.

Trump will never get another chance to declare a state of national emergency either based on the massive voter fraud committed by the same globalist frauds and/or based on the evidence of the globalist Covid fraud. Also, Gates, Fauci have predicted a second wave, which based on all the planning and fraud in the first wave with all the harm to everyone is a threat to national security. If Trump does not act and remains Covid-fraud lite and Election-fraud lite, then he is either useless or on the other side, and Vigano and others are wasting their breath.

Trump has a duty to defend the nation from such threats and deception, and to protect the Constitution from the globalist onslaught to deconstruct democracy and the nation. This crisis demands clear decisive intervention on an emergency basis to shut the perpetrators down and to make the appropriate arrests, as well as intervening in the fake media to ensure that the people get the facts and that there is proper exposure of all the evil being done. The longer Trump is sucked into waiting for the courts to decided anything before he acts, the more certain the Resets will be imposed, and then good-bye America.


All this penny anti fraud here and there won't get Trump into office. The real problem and where the major fraud is with the computers as something this massive this quick can't be done by humans. I'm sure it's only a coincidence, wink wink, but Dominion Systems that supplies a good chunk of the hardware and software used for elections is part owned by Diane Feinsteins hubby. One of the chief executives used to be Pelosi's chief of staff. They got a lot of funding from the CLINTONS. Nothing to see here move along.

According to the video on CD Media about Electronic Vote Fraud by a cyber security expert, interesting one hour eye opening walk you through the whole process video unlike the garbage 200,000 watermark ballots, said the way things are set up someone can go in and change the votes and it can't be detected or leave evidence of the hack. Hopefully he's wrong.

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