Donald Trump Considered Dropping Mike Pence From The Ticket For This Republican

Updated: 2020-08-10 21:16:09

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Donald Trump is looking for a dramatic move to shake up the 2020 presidential election.

And there’s always one announcement that jumps to the forefront of the discussion.

Donald Trump had considered dropping Mike Pence from the ticket for this Republican.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has become a favorite of conservatives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Noem rejected a lockdown, opposed a statewide mask mandate, and held indoor sporting events – all without seeing a surge in cases.

Many Trump supporters took this as evidence that the fake news media whipped up hysteria surrounding the virus just to damage President Trump’s re-election chances.

Noem also hosted President Trump for a fireworks celebration at Mount Rushmore on July 3 where President Trump delivered a historic speech defending American history and drawing a line in the sand on cancel culture.

But what raised eyebrows was afterwards when Noem flew back to Washington with President Trump on Air Force One and met privately with the President for an hour.

The New York Times reported, “To the surprise of some of her own advisers, Ms. Noem flew with Mr. Trump to Washington on Air Force One late in the evening after his Mount Rushmore speech. Joined by Mr. Lewandowski, she and the president spoke for over an hour privately during the flight — a fact that Mr. Trump and some of his aides soon shared with other Republicans, according to officials familiar with his disclosure.”

This led to renewed speculation that the President had weighed dropping Pence from the ticket in favor of Noem to boost his poll numbers with women and suburban voters.

Usually this talk revolves around Nikki Haley.

“For a time in 2018, Mr. Trump queried people about Mr. Pence’s loyalty. And officials in the administration, including some close to Mr. Pence, said they believed that Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump were angling to replace him with Ms. Haley,” the New York Times reported.

But the coronavirus pandemic has made stars out of governors who managed the pandemic well.

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And no one stood out in rejecting the fake news media’s fearmongering about masks and lockdowns like Noem.

But Noem was sensitive to this talk about the President adding her to the ticket, and reportedly made a follow-up trip to Washington to meet with Vice President Pence to assure him she never lobbied for his job.

The New York Times reported, “But less than three weeks later, Ms. Noem came to the White House with far less fanfare — to meet not with Mr. Trump, but with Vice President Mike Pence. Word had circulated through the Trump administration that she was ingratiating herself with the president, fueling suspicions that there might have been a discussion about her serving as his running mate in November. Ms. Noem assured Mr. Pence that she wanted to help the ticket however she could, according to an official present.”

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