Elizabeth Warren Just Did the Unthinkable

Updated: 2019-02-10 15:30:14

Elizabeth Warren should have thought long and hard about her most recent decision… the decision to run for President.

First off, there are a number of other women in the field on the Democrat side of things. So, it’s not like she’s going to to have an easy run as the only female in the field.

Secondly, in addition to all the women running against here, there are more than other men who are going to run for the office.

That should also be discouraging.

Of course, all of those factors shouldn’t be a discouragement for a Presidential candidate…

But when Warren has been ripped to shreds for her bald-faced lies… and new evidence has just come out showing just what a terrible person she is… it’s amazing Warren’s ready to waste millions of dollars to run for an office she simply can’t win.

More of Warren’s Lies Exposed This Week

It’s now provable, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Elizabeth Warren has lied about her Native American ancestry. Or, the lack of ancestry.

A number of months ago Warren embarrassed herself when she published the results of DNA tests which showed she was only 1/512 or 1/1032 Native American.

After years of claiming she had close connections with the tribes that were native to this land, the simple fact was everything she said was exposed as a lie.

Once exposed, Warren backpedaled and said that even though she though she was Native American, she never dreamed of using her “special heritage” to benefit herself.

And yet, that’s now been shown to be a lie too as Warren certainly used her ancestry to increaser her chances of being accepted into the realms of higher education.

Brad Bannon writes:

“The problems surrounding her claim of Native American ancestry began during her successful campaign in 2012 to defeat then-GOP Sen. Scott Brown.

Brown attacked her for using her claim to Native American ancestry to rise in the academic world but Warren said that she had not used to background to her advantage. 

Last week, the Washington Post reported that her application for the Texas Bar contradicted Warren’s defense. The president mocks her as “Pocahontas” and she has become the target of several Trump tweets teasing her heritage.

Trump knows better than anybody in American politics how to exploit a problem like this.

Warren spent most of last week apologizing but the issue will dog her for the duration of her presidential campaign unless she finds to way to deal with the problem.”

There’s No Way Out For Warren

To the delight of her opponents, the problem for Warren is there is no way to dodge this problem.

The very foundation of her life’s work has been revealed to be a lie. And while lies can certainly be overcome, with Trump chomping at the bit, Warren stands no chance of mounting a solid campaign.

He will chew her legs out from under her and even the most loyal Democrats will turn on her as they often do when eating they own

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