Epoch News: US Decoupling From China Accelerates, 33 Chinese Companies Added to List

Updated: 2020-05-27 21:30:17

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The Department of Commerce announced it added 33 Chinese companies that have a history of human rights violations, are involved with military activities, and weapons of mass destruction to an “Entity List”. The businesses in this list will need a license from the Department of Commerce to purchase U.S. technology.

00:30 Decoupling From China: 33 Chinese Companies Added to ‘Entity List’

07:12 Trump Administration Tightens Restrictions Against Huawei

08:59 Senate Passed Bill: Chinese Companies on US Stock Market Must Be Audited

11:27 Pompeo: The West Has Had Enough of the Chinese Regime

14:05 Chinese Residents Forced into Quarantine Expected to Pay Expensive Fees

18:01 Student Facing Expulsion for Calling Out University’s Ties to CCP
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20:34 Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

21:10 Sign the Petition: ccpvirustruth.com

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