Family Fear Worst After Medical Graduate Goes Missing in Mexico, Friend Found Dead

Updated: 2019-06-19 12:30:14

An Arkansas family is desperately trying to trace a medical student last seen outside a Mexico nightclub with a friend who was later found beaten and shot to death.

Jessy Pacheco, 29, was celebrating graduation in the town of Guadalajara, Mexico, where he had trained as a doctor, intending to return to the United States to practice medicine in Arkansas.

But he hasn’t been seen since June 16, and with one of his companions found murdered that night, his family are terrified that he may be dead, been kidnapped, or tortured.

“It’s your worst horror movie come true,” his cousin’s wife, Francine Solis told Fox16.

According to, 4029News. family members say Pacheco was waiting on an Uber driver with his friend when he disappeared.

“They found the friend about a block away from the club and he had been shot in the head,” Solis said.

“He went to a local club in Jalisco with friends to celebrate,” friend Natalie Herrera told KNWA. “Jesse and Carlos [Delgadillo] were the last ones to leave the club from their group of friends.”

Delgadillo, a U.S. citizen, was the friend who was found dead having been shot and beaten, according to Herrera.

According to KNWA, sources said that the last time he was seen was at 3 a.m. outside Club Strana.

“He’s a U.S. citizen, he’s a doctor, he’s young, and we need to save him,” Solis told KNWA. “We’re praying that he’s still alive and we can get him back.”

Guadalajara is a city in the midwest of Mexico.

Pacheco was going to school in Mexico because it was cheaper. He had flown back to Mexico last week to graduate and get his diploma.

His cousin, Jeffrey Solis, spoke with him before he left Van Buren in Arkansas, reported 4029News.

“He’s an amazing guy, he’s a person that gets along with everybody and he’s always there for everybody,” he said. “I’m very proud of him to achieve such a goal and to hear this news is so devastating to me.”

Family members say it’s possible Pacheco could have been abducted.

Strana Nightclub in Guadalajara, Mexico. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

“If anyone knows anything just tell us. We’ll pay, it doesn’t matter how much it is, we’ll pay to get him back,” said his cousin.

The family told KFSM they have taken the search for Pacheco into their own hands.

“If nobody’s gonna help us, we gotta help ourselves,” said his cousin.

“The U.S. Embassy said that they couldn’t help because they have no jurisdiction there.”

“When I contacted the FBI to make this report they said that’s wrong because he’s a U.S. citizen.”

Solis says his brother and Pacheco’s mother are in Mexico searching.

“They’ve been going to the police stations, hospitals, morgues, you know everywhere, and mainly the place he was last seen to see if there’s any clues or anybody that’s seen anything,” he said.

Meanwhile, they are hoping social media could help.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them fund their search.

“The donations are to help the family stay in Mexico until he is found,” said the fundraising page.

Many people posted messages of support on the fundraising site.

“Jessy is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met,” wrote one person. “He’s a great dancer, humble, loving, and has a huge heart for his passion in the medical field. Jessy-come back home and help save many lives Doctor.”

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