FDA and CDC Admit They Have Never Isolated The So Called COVID Virus, They Can't Prove It Even Exists

Updated: 2020-10-27 18:16:04

 I occasionally read John Rappoport.    He is an out of the box thinker, questioning everything. 

He does often / sometimes present the "sauce", i.e. the links to source information.   However, he often also just present assertions without the sauce.   It takes time to present the sauce, and oftentimes when running down the rabbit hole and researching, one is doing lots of reading with maybe 10 or 20 open windows which will likely slow down the computer, and windows get closed to mitigate, and you have lost the source document of what is now knowledge in your head.  

So occasionally I do the same and just make assertions based off knowledge.  On some boards, people will take you to task for this, lambast you, even they are at the same time to busy or too lazy to run down the rabbit hole.

But I have always tried to write in the "sound bite" mentality, and present the sauce as clearly as possible....so you are welcome very much. 

The Sauce, from a document bearing the titles of the FDA and the CDC.    They have no virus isolated.

That is quite odd don't you think?

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