Floyd's Lawyers Name Is Crump, Pushing For First Degree Murder Will Result In Dismissal

Updated: 2020-07-05 20:10:04
Floyd lawyer wants the riots to continue. Purple tie noted.  

This guy is weak, manipulatable.   Pressing for 1st Degree Murder is stupid, and will likely result in a not guilty verdict, released in amazing speed by Black Muslim Antifa Fan Keith Ellison, say beginning of October, to prove that "Trump is racist".

Reporter: Do you have evidence that this was pre-meditated?

Knee on neck for over 8 minutes.    Chauvin says no keep him in this position, it shows intent.

Reporter: Did they know each other?

They had to overlap and the club they worked at, and therefore we think this should be first degree murder.

Reporter: But do you think it was pre-meditated?

Dodges the question, it's first degree murder.

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source : www.nukepro.net