Fox News Did Something On Election Night That Will Leave You Speechless


Americans tuned in on Election Night to see if the Democrats blue wave would wash away the Republican majorities.

They could not believe what they saw.

And Fox News did one thing to help Nancy Pelosi seize power that will leave you speechless.

Fox News Calls The House For Democrats

On Election Night, Fox News called the House for the Democrats.

The Democrats winning was not surprising.

The playing field favored them to win due to Republicans running in districts that Hillary Clinton had won, as well as the historic number of Republican retirements.

But Fox News shocked their viewers when they called the race so early in the night.

Fox called the House at 9:33pm.

“We are now ready to make one of the biggest calls of the night. The Fox News Decision Desk can now project the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years,” star anchor Bret Baier stated.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace exclaimed, “A lot of listeners out there, their heads are exploding, but this is going to be a very different Washington.”

Fox called the race for the House when Democrats had flipped just two Republican-held seats.

CNN and other networks did not call the race for at least another hour.

Fox claimed their call was based on early voting and “voter analysis” – also known as exit polls.

This decision upset many Trump supporters.

Fox called the race while voting was still going on in states out west, including California and Nevada, where Democrats mounted a strong challenge to RINO Senator Dean Heller.

Critics contend that Fox helped suppress the Republican vote by making their call so early.

Republicans watching at home may have seen Fox’s call and figured they did not need to go vote since the race was already decided.

If Republicans out west did stay home, then it allowed the Democrats to pad their majority.

Experts believe the Republicans have a strong chance to win back the House in 2020, so every seat the Democrats added is now an additional seat the GOP must flip in two years.

Not The Only Media Manipulation Of The 2018 Cycle

Republicans ran into a headwind of retirements in 2018.

In general, challengers stand a better chance in open seat races than when they face an incumbent.

When one party knows they are going to lose an election, members will retire rather than face defeat at the ballot box.

Fake news reporters keep track of the number of retirements to see if a wave election is forming.

But in 2018, it happened in reverse.

The media repeated the blue wave talking point so much that many critics believe it pushed many Republicans to retire.

45 Republicans retired rather than run in 2018.

That was an historic high.

Did they retire because they saw a bad environment, or did they retire because they bought into fake news talking points?

That is a subject up for debate.

Still, the GOP only lost 26 seats on election night.

That was below historical standards.

That number figures to rise as more votes are counted.

But many Trump supporters wonder what would have happened if Republicans ignored the fake news about a blue wave and had run for re-election.

Some suspected this was a coordinated effort by the fake news media to boost the Democrats by pushing Republicans to retire.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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