How A Trump Impeachment Vote Could Ruin Democrats

The Democrats are in a uniquely bad place.

The party is divided. Divided factions include the old-school Democrats who are more centrist in their beliefs and the new guard of Democrats who embrace socialism.

Those schisms are already breaking the Democrat part apart.

Other factors at play include votes to impeach the President.

While there isn’t a Democrat in office who likes the President, the truth is many of them realize it’s not politically expedient to try and remove the President from office as there’s not enough evidence to support his removal… and a premature vote could catalyze backlash against the Democrats in the upcoming elections.

Nevertheless, the Democrats in the House, confident that their majority will bring them success, are launching an attack on Trump.

Why Not Every Democrat Wants to Vote for Impeachment

The senior Democrats know Trump is not to be trifled with.

The President is crafty and cunning, and they realize that if the vote to impeach isn’t successful the blowback against their party could be catastrophic.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer aren’t keen to begin this battle.

Cristina Marcos writes:

“It’s clear they’re worried about doing anything on impeachment that might end up boomeranging on Democrats and helping Trump and the GOP. Both were in Congress when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, an effort that undercut the House GOP at the time.

Green’s argument, as with his past impeachment efforts, is that Trump should be impeached for inflaming racial tensions in America. He linked Trump to the political crisis in Virginia, where Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is refusing to resign over a racist photo from his Medical School yearbook page, and state Attorney General Mark Herring (D) has also admitted to once being in blackface.

‘I just wanted to make it clear that there’s a necessity to do this because that behavior has infected the body politic to the extent that you have the behavior in the state of Virginia.’ Green said in a statement.

They’re Waiting For The Right Time

This isn’t to say the Democrats in charge aren’t looking to impeach the President. They believe the conclusion of the Mueller investigation will give them all the ammunition they need to unleash a salvo of impeachment votes.

And this point of dissension is creating a crack in the veneer, and pushing Democrats apart in a time where they need to stand united will cause further separations.

Unwittingly, the people who hate Trump the most might be leading to his future success in 2020.


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