John Krasinski slammed as 'sellout' over 'Some Good News' deal with CBS

Updated: 2020-05-26 01:50:32

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It's bad news for "Some Good News" host .

As the coronavirus outbreak worsened around the world back in March, Krasinski, 40, launched the online show "," which was dedicated entirely to sharing positive news stories.

The show drew a large audience quickly, its earning 17 million views on YouTube while the show's had nearly a million followers.

This past Thursday, it was announced that  had picked up "Some Good News" to air on CBS All Access as well as some of the company's other brands. It also was announced that Krasinski would not return as the host.

Following Viacom's success in what called a "massive bidding war," fans expressed disappointment with the "Quiet Place" star, calling him a "sellout" profiting off his feel-good program that had been free online.

"This makes me feel like you’re a sellout. was this a money move? i really don’t understand,"  wrote. "Your show could have just inspired them to share good news, not take what you started. it was easier to access SGN, not this network."

"John Krasinski played us like a damn [fiddle] made a network and used his fame to sellout and make money during these hard times,"  wrote.

A : "remember when he created this free feel good YouTube show to 'make people feel good' and now he is................selling it for $$$? really cool, 100% honorable."

"Kind of a sell out move. This should have just been a free fun thing," an Instagram follower wrote. "You tainted the good news name. Just another corporate conglomerate with floors of lawyers to control what is put forth. Sad."

Other fans were unhappy that the show would end up CBS All Access, slamming the platform in the comments of a following the announcement.

"I love SGN BUT I’m hoping we’ll still be able to watch somewhere other than CBS All Access. Speaking from experience, it’s a HORRIBLE platform," a follower wrote. "Its a pay service, with commercials, and skips/ pixelates like crazy."

While Krasinski will no longer host the show, he will maintain some kind of on-screen presence and will serve as the show's executive producer, according to the announcement.

Reps for Krasinski did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

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