Keep Your Eye On The Prize: Election Is The Only Thing That Matters At This Point: Proof of Massive Voter Fraud, Dominion and Smartmatic

Updated: 2020-11-18 20:45:04

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"Whistling Past The Graveyard" --- Democrats pretending that Joe Biden is president elect.....they continue on their merry way.    With the Bullhorn of Complicit Media in play.     I sure hope this "gal" is transgender......


Summary: Driving around Wisconsin including Milwaukee County I saw around 200 Trump signs and 2 Biden signs.    There is no way Biden took Wisconsin or Michigan

Note a recount of bogus votes is sketchy on the surface, as many districts in Milwaukee showed voter turnout at twice the eligible population.

Expect a stock market crash coming soon.    And expect massive COVID non-sense to be generated by the media and "well intentioned" liberal doctors, shoving cold and flu patients into the hospital to not just generated additional revenue, but to get rid of Trump.      The lockdowns will make it harder to to investigations, slow discovery, and allow more time to clean evidence, as well as prevent in person testimony and grillings.

This is not the time to be complacent.    

Sharpies, directed by the assistant director of Maricopa Count AZ, on election day.....the day that

Republican will show in person en masse, to use only sharpies so that all those republican votes could be thrown out.


 And the voting software company, Dominion, their employees are rapidly deleting their Linkedin accounts.    hmmmmmm

------------------------------------- Masking nonsense


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