Larwyn's Linx: FBI Man's Testimony Points to Wrongdoing Well Beyond Spying


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FBI Man's Testimony Points to Wrongdoing Well Beyond Spying: Eric Felten
The Day of Reckoning Is at Hand: George Parry
Rosenstein: Mueller’s report describes Russian cybercrimes during 2016 election: CTH

Trump goes after Ilhan Omar with dramatic video using 9/11 footage: Keith Koffler
Kamala Harris Says She Owns A Gun — Meanwhile She Wants To Ban Them: DC
Assange could face 5 years in prison for conspiring with Manning: Exam

After 100 days in charge, House Democrats learn unity has its limits: Susan Ferrechio
POTUS Supports Using Sanctuary Cities to Centralize Housing for Illegal Aliens: CTH
Pelosi: Trump Sanctuary City Proposal 'Unworthy of the Presidency': Pam Key

More Than 100,000 Tried to Cross Border In March: Charles Fain Lehman
When will this nightmare end?: Vincent Emilio
Adios: Ninth Circuit Stays Lower Court: Migrants Can Be Returned to Mexico: CTH

Worse than Watergate: John Leonard
Federal Judge Shows Roberts Was Dead Wrong About There Being No Obama Judges: RS
Rudy Giuliani Discusses DOJ/FBI “Spying” and Mueller/Rosenstein Role in “Framing”: CTH


G20 to Trump: ‘All Our Economies Are Belong To You’: CTH
Top Democrat sets new deadline for Trump's tax returns: Colin Wilhelm
Stock-market rally nears record as Dimon says healthy U.S. economy ‘can go on for years’: MarketWatch

Scandal Central

FBI was still assessing reliability of Steele even after getting FISA warrant: Rick Moran
James Comey Has ‘Never Thought’ Of Electronic Surveillance ‘As Spying’: David Krayden
Inside Beto O’Rourke’s Million-Dollar Apartment Deal With A Campaign Donor: Peter Hasson


Fox News isn’t the problem, it’s the media’s obsession with Fox News: Michael J. Socolow
Levin: The media ‘cannot tolerate any divergent views. Period’: Carmel Kookogey
ThinkProgress Attacks Sanders for Changing Rhetoric on Millionaires After He Became One: Cameron Cawthorne

CNN Ratings Fall To 15th Place, Lose to ‘Food Network’: Tammy Bruce
Wife of Navy SEAL charged with murdering Iraqi says Trump is ‘being lied to’ about his treatment: Daily Mail
Boston Globe Publishes, Then Edits, Op-Ed Encouraging Waiters to ‘Tamper With’ Trump Official’s Food: Ashe Schow


Migrants break Guatemalan border gate, force their way into Mexico: Exam
Who's howling loudest about Assange's arrest? Try the Russians: Monica Showalter
EU's Collusion with Iran: Judith Bergman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

North Korea’s Hidden Cobra Strikes U.S. Targets with HOPLIGHT: Tara Seals
When an older person’s brain waves are in sync, memory is boosted: Laura Sanders
Facebook spent $20 million last year on Zuckerberg’s personal protection: TechCrunch


The Quiz Whiz Who Wasn’t: Daniel J. Flynn
AOTW 4-12-2019: GOC
NIMBYs By Any Other Name Are Still Progressives: MOTUS

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