Larwyn's Linx: If It Walks Like a Spy, Talks Like a Spy, Acts Like a Spy …


, by Mark Levin
If It Walks Like a Spy, Talks Like a Spy, Acts Like a Spy …: Al Perrotta
FOIA Releases 422 Emails Proving Clinton “Cover-Up”: John Griffing
Ex-Obama White House counsel, indicted for false statements: Gregg Re

The Liberal Media ‘Matrix’: Matthew Continetti
Tlaib Furious Over ‘Racist’ Attacks on Omar’s 9/11 Comments: David Rutz
Rod Rosenstein Rebukes Democrats and Mainstream Media: James Ledbetter

Stefanik Moves To Prevent Comey-Era Spy Abuses At FBI: Mollie Hemingway
Mark Levin shreds Democrats and media as they attack AG Barr: ‘They’re the experts?!’: CR
'Beta' O’Rourke to Farmers: Give 'Fair Share' of Crops for Climate Change: Michelle Moons

Flynn Leaks and Ignatius Hypocrisy: Politically Short
Who's Worse: Assange or the New York Times and Washington Post?: Roger L. Simon
When it comes to Assange and WikiLeaks, check your premises: Jordan Schachtel


China Is Slowly Killing King Dollar: Brandon J. Weichert
We've quietly become the global oil superpower. Will the courts stop that too?: Daniel Horowitz
Foreign Labor Force Growing at Nearly 3X Rate of Native-Born Americans: John Binder

Scandal Central

Ken Starr: Hillary Clinton 'Triggered Vince Foster's Suicide: Matt Vespa
Creepy Porn Lawyer Indicted on 36 More Federal Charges of Tax Evasion, Bank Fraud, Perjury and Theft: CTH
Avenatti Allegedly Scammed Paraplegic Client Out Of $4 Million Settlement: Chuck Ross

The Superfluous Spontaneity of Seismic Happenstances: TBP
Devin Nunes sends Trump-Russia investigation criminal referral notification to DOJ: Exam
Comey: 'I have no idea' what Barr meant with 'spying' comment: Michael Burke


New York Post editor FIRES BACK at critics of today’s cover quoting Ilhan Omar on 9/11: Twitchy
Ted Cruz exposes Facebook and Twitter in committee hearing with Mother Teresa quote: Scoop
Dan Crenshaw drops a truth bomb on Ilhan Omar after she accuses him of “dangerous incitement”!: Scoop

'Breaking point': Mainstream media outlets change their tune on border crisis amid illegal immigration surge: Fox
Watch Blue Checkmarks Shower Twitter Love On Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan: Emily Jashinsky
Mark Levin feels vindicated after William Barr's 'spying' testimony: Chris Irvine


Migrants Riot At Mexican Immigration Station, Burn Documents: Reports: Peter Hasson
Coup in Sudan: BattleSwarm
Why Netanyahu Keeps Winning: Aaron Kliegman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Alexa is listening to your conversations: Daily Mail
Senators Question Pentagon Plan for Space Force: Bill Gertz
The internet’s idiots are already trying to discredit Katie Bouman’s historic accomplishments: Cara Curtis


‘PENCIL Act’ strips Adam Schiff of Intel chairmanship, revokes security clearance: Victor Skinner
I Spy: WZ
The 21st Century Weaponized ‘Tactile’ Parade of Idiots: MOTUS

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