Larwyn's Linx: Jordan, Collins and Meadows May Expose Ongoing DOJ Criminality


Laurence Gonzales’s bestselling Deep Survival has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives.
Jordan, Collins and Meadows May Expose Ongoing DOJ Criminality: CTH
Trump calls for border wall to solve 'crisis of the heart, crisis of the soul': Melissa Quinn
Pelosi, Schumer dismiss Trump's 'manufactured crisis' on border: Susan Ferrechio

Our open border has turned every American city into a border town: Daniel Horowitz
Watch This! Remarkable Statements from Obama’s Former Border Chief: S. Noble
Enabling Criminal Aliens: David Clarke

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Says He's Suspended by FL Gov. Ron DeSantis: CTH
Felons Register to Vote in Florida: William Davis
DHS has equipped 400 police departments with military-grade sound cannons: MassPrivateI

Once again, Trump has outsmarted his media foes: Thomas Lifson
Tom Homan: Democrats are lying to the American people about border wall: Fox
Legalizing Drugs Because Soros Wants It: Denise Simon


Castro Endorses 70 Percent Income Tax Rate Despite Economic Concerns: Haris Alic
Sandy Cortez and Her Crazy Green New Deal: DC
Kamala on AOC: ‘She’s Introducing Bold Ideas That Should Be Discussed’: Nic Rowan

Scandal Central

Things, that make other things, make sense…: CTH
Supreme Court won't intervene in grand jury battle thought to be linked to Mueller: Kelly Cohen
Top Dems silent on Ed Buck after second man found dead: Alana Goodman

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Federal Agencies Cut Over $16 Billion in Regulations in 2018: Jeffrey Cimmino


Tucker Carlson’s Witness: Cindy Simpson
Levin: POTUS can declare a national emergency-with his power under the laws made by Congress: CR
Do Cable News Pundits Read the Washington Post or the New York Times?: Andrew Kugle


Pentagon: Military Logistics System Not Ready for War With China or Russia: Bill Gertz
Democrats block pro-Israel bill to protest shutdown: Susan Ferrechio
Important warning video to Jews REMOVED by Youtube and community guidelines strike given: Vlad Tepes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Time: LeeAundra Temescu
How driverless cars choose who to kill is an ethical dilemma: Ben Dickson
Hydrogen powered drone exceeds one hour of continuous flight: TheEngineer


Rosenstein to leave DOJ in coming weeks, sources say: Fox
More Wyoming And Less Washington, Please: MOTUS
Scott Walker Ending Term With $588.5 Million Budget Surplus: Watchdog

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