Larwyn's Linx: Lisa Page Testimony May Have Put Obama AG Loretta Lynch In The Crosshairs


Lisa Page Testimony May Have Put Obama AG Loretta Lynch In The Crosshairs: Virginia Kruta
Trump blasts Obama DOJ as ‘corrupt machine,’ as transcript reveals Clinton case intervention: Gregg Re
Page transcripts reveal details of anti-Trump ‘insurance policy’: Brooke Singman

Ceramic I Love Covfefe 11oz Coffee Mug Cup
Why Democrats Would Lose the Second Civil War, Too: Kurt Schlichter
Police Chief Rips California Sanctuary Policy After Another Brutal Murder: Carmine Sabia
Republicans Having A Hard Time Believing Pelosi On Impeachment: Henry Rodgers

AOC Doubles Down On Insane Questioning, Doesn’t Understand Liability: RS
Sanders Aide Apologizes After Questioning Loyalty of Jews: Mikhael Smits
You Know Who Hates People Who Cheat To Get In To College? Liz Warren: Joe Cunningham

How Corrupt Elite Colleges and Universities Feed the Administrative State: EIB
Ted Cruz Calls Out ‘Socialist’ Universities for Bias Against Conservatives: Mike LaChance
Neomi Rao Confirmed to D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals: Nic Rowan

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Rasputin: Frank Hawkins
AOC: My Experience Says Being A Banker Is Exactly Like Being A Bartender: RS
Human smugglers use children as shields for trafficking: Scoop


Study: Migrants Using Nearly 2X the Welfare of Native-Born Americans: John Binder
Muslim Owned Clinic Charged with Insurance Fraud. It's Not Their First Crime.: Filipa Ioannou
Democrats aren't serious about reparations: Ryan Cooper

Scandal Central

And finally, some things about the FBI and Hillary Clinton start to make sense: Vlad Tepes
Lisa Page: Strzok Plotted To Trap Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner: Patrick Howley
Here's What Lisa Page Had to Say About That FBI "Insurance Policy": Katie Pavlich

Clinton email server administrator getting deposed: Caitlin Yilek
Mueller Team: Flynn’s Given Us Everything: Ed Morrissey
What Lisa Page Said: Scott Johnson


Everything is Fake: Marc Giller
Columnist at The Bulwark tries gaslighting readers on the Steele Dossier and is dissected: Twitchy
Sarah Lawrence College activists demand resignation of conservative prof for being conservative: Rick Moran


Jews Under Siege: Aaron Kliegman
Rashida Tlaib Gets Behind Academic Boycott of Israel: Brent Scher
U.S. Sends Bombers Over S. China Sea: Bill Gertz

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Report: ICE Agents Given Access to Private License Plate Database: CTH
Chinese hackers are tearing the Navy and its industry partners apart: Ryan Pickrell
Silicon Valley CEO steps down amid college bribery scandal: SFgate


Waging War Against the Dead: Victor Davis Hanson
Stormy Daniels: It’s “Adorable” That Avenatti’s Pretending Like He Dropped Me Instead Of Vice Versa: Hot Air
Reports of the Death of Irony Are Premature: MOTUS

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