Larwyn's Linx: Marco Rubio Warns Democrats Are About To Steal The Florida Senate And Governor’s Race


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Marco Rubio Warns Democrats About To Steal FL Senate and Governor’s Race: RS
Broward County Officials, Dems Trying To Steal GOP Victory In Florida: Hank Berrien
Florida teacher finds ‘provisional ballot box’ in storage area: Joe Tacopino

The Whitaker in Sessions’ Chambers: George Parry
Jerry Nadler’s Loose Lips Reveal Democrat Strategy to Damage the Trump Administration: RS
New acting AG Whitaker now overseeing Mueller investigation: 6 things to know: Kelly Cohen

Trump on Strong Legal Ground to Stop Caravan: Betsy McCaughey
How the blue wave died in Daytona Beach: Daniel Allott
‘None of the above’ is the 2020 Democratic front-runner: Becket Adams

Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuits: Dem election officials trying to steal election: Fox
Andrew Gillum May Retract Concession As Recount Looms: Chuck Ross
Scott calls for probe into vote counting in Broward, Palm Beach counties: Sun-Sentinel


Voters: Healthcare Top Issue: Hunt Lawrence and Daniel J. Flynn

Scandal Central

Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open?: Mark Wauck
Questions for George Papadopoulos: Jeff Carlson
Does Mueller's Lead Prosecutor Have A History Of Ethics Violations?: Margot Cleveland

Trump says 'big corruption scandal' unfolding in Florida's Broward County: Anna Giaritelli
DeSantis and Gillum head to a recount; Rubio blasts Broward election officials: Chris Pandolfo
Levin: Why do Democrats ‘always manage to pick up votes after the fact?’: Carmel Kookogey


Mark Levin: The media is ‘furious that this blue wave was a blue tinkle’: Chris Pandolfo
NYT's Kristof Has Instant Anti-Gun Meltdown: Breitbart
The View’s Joy Behar Blames Gerrymandering for Democratic Senate Losses: AIM

Liberal Blogger: Terrorizing Tucker Carlson’s Family a ‘Strategy’ to Make Him Feel Fear of ‘His Victims’: WZ
DC Police Investigating Mob’s Protest At Tucker Carlson’s House As ‘Suspected Hate Crime’: Andrew Kerr
Tucker Carlson: I think one of the protesters has been a guest on my show: Allison Elyse Gualtieri


Asylum seekers from just one German refugee shelter commit 1265 crimes in 9 months: VoE
20,000 armed migrants attack Croatia’s border to move into the EU, official warns: VoE
Swedish police to recruit migrant police officers from crime-ridden ‘no-go area’: VoE

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Court Documents Reveal Google Believes Free Speech Is "Disastrous" For Society: The Washington Standard
Children have over 1,000 pictures of them posted online before they turn 13: DailyMail
Machine learning in recruitment: it works for everybody: IT ProPortal


Acosta’s Last Stand? Accosted by Acosta: Dov Fischer
FOTUS Friday: #EveryDemVoteIsCountedTwice: MOTUS
European Union Moves to Suppress Phrases Like ‘Manpower’ and ‘Mankind’: Katherine Timpf

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