Megyn Kelly Says Daily Mail Photographer ‘Secretly Taped’ Her 7-Year-Old Girl

Former NBC host Megyn Kelly said that she has been forced to deal with paparazzi lurking outside her house at all hours of the day, and the actions of one outlet left her furious.

Kelly, who is reportedly in negotiations to exit the network after her show was canceled, said that she has explicitly asked the photographers not to take pictures of her children.

“For a week paparazzi has been lurking outside my home day and night. Finally today I took my kids to school. I went out alone 1st, offered them donuts and begged them to just take their pic [sic] of me & to leave my kids alone when they emerged,” she wrote on Twitter.

“All were nice. Except the Dailymail.”

She said the British news outlet videotaped her 7-year-old child without her permission.

“The DailyMail 1st published photos of my husb [sic] IN OUR HOME & then *did* photog my kids, trailed us to my daughter’s school, & secretly videotaped my 7-yr-old child (her classmates too) & posted it,” Kelly said. “THIS IS NOT RIGHT.”

The Daily Mail is infamous for its hyperbolic reporting, which has brought intense criticism and lawsuits at times. In April 2017, for instance, the outlet settled for $2.9 million with First Lady Melania Trump after she sued them over alleged false claims.

On its website on Oct. 31, the outlet ran a story claiming to be an “exclusive” about Kelly that showed her “all smiles as she emerges for the first time in a week and tries to bribe photographers with doughnuts while her husband Doug watches her from a window.”

Megyn Kelly wearing black in California
Megyn Kelly speaks onstage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit 2018 at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel, California, on Oct. 2, 2018. (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Fortune)

The article included pictures of Kelly’s husband still inside their home, as Kelly asserted on Twitter. The article did not appear to include pictures or videos of Kelly’s daughter Yardley.

A 22-second video showed Kelly walking back into her apartment building and included an advertisement for amateur or professional videographers to send footage to the Mail, promising they’d get paid.

The Daily Mail has not responded to Kelly.

The controversy comes after NBC announced on Oct. 26 that Kelly’s show was canceled, but her attorney Bryan Freedman told the Associated Press the same day that she remains an employee of the network.

Freedman and executives are reportedly in negotiations for an exit but neither side has confirmed she’s leaving. Freedman said the negotiations are about the “next steps” for Kelly.


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