Melania Trump debuts ‘Spirit of America’ 2019 Christmas decorations

Updated: 2019-12-02 17:50:26

First Lady Melania Trump, on Monday, Dec 2, presented a peek view of the 2019 festive season’s decorations at the White House.

Early Monday morning, the White House and the office of the first lady opened its doors to journalists for a photo-shoot.

“This Christmas season I want to honor those who have shaped our country and made it the place we are proud to call home,” Mrs. Trump said in a statement.

First Lady Melania Trumps walked around to inspect the 2019 Christmas decorations that she had designed for the third consecutive year at the White House. (Screenshot /White House Video)

“I am excited to announce our White House holiday theme, ‘The Spirit of America,’” she continued.

“The Spirit of America” is shining in the @WhiteHouse! I am delighted to share this beautiful exhibit of patriotism for all to see, and excited for everyone to experience the beauty of the #Christmas season!” Mrs Melania Trump @FLOTUS tweeted.

She explained the inspiration for her choice of this year’s theme.

“When I travel the country, I am inspired by the hard-working people and families that I meet. No matter which state they call home, many Americans share a strong set of values and deep appreciation for the traditions and history of our great nation,” wrote Mrs. Trump.

Mrs. Trump’s White House Christmas decorations have dazzled Americans every year.

This year is no different. The makeover features a distinctly more traditional decoration, after last year’s controversial remarks from some twitter users about her “comrade red” Christmas trees exhibit.

Mrs. Trump incorporated traditional green Christmas trees, with red decorations and adorned with blue bows for a patriotic elegance.

She envisaged this year’s makeover as a “beautiful exhibit of patriotism,” embellished by striking floral arrangements, a nativity scene, and including an immaculate gingerbread White House.

A gingerbread White House that featured iconic landmarks from around the country, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019. (Screenshot /White House Video)

Mrs. Trump included a video tweet, showing her walking through the beautifully bedecked White House, performing finishing touches to the pristine decorations.

The first lady could be seen adjusting ornaments, sprinkling bits of fake snow on a Christmas tree. She meticulously checked that everything is in its right place before 1600 Pennsylvania Ave opens its door to receive visitors.

First Lady Melania Trump sprinkled imitation snow on a Christmas holiday season decorations, on Monday, Dec. 2, 2019. (Screenshot /White House Video)

This year the East Colonnade displayed a glittery Winter Wonderland theme. Glass panels lit up and decked with images of snow-capped trees. Silver stars suspended from above, creating a fantasy of traditional Christmas panoramas.

The East Colonnade displayed a silvery winter wonderland theme, with massive shining stars suspended from the ceiling, creating a fantasy of traditional Christmas panoramas, on Monday, Dec 2, 2019. (Screenshot /White House Video)

“The Christmas Tree serves as the centerpiece of each year’s unique Christmas theme!” tweeted The White House.

This year’s tree:
🎄 5+ meters tall
🎄 16 years old
🎄 Displayed in the Blue Room

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) December 1, 2019

The winning Douglas Fir from Larry Snyder of Mahantongo Valley Farms towering over 16.5 feet was adorned with handmade paper flowers that represent the floral emblems of every U.S. state and territory.

The official White House Christmas tree—a Douglas Fir, towering over 16 feet tall—was bedecked with handmade paper flowers representing the floral emblems of each state and territory, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, (Screenshot /White House Video)

If pictures are worth more than a thousand words, these breathtaking ones will blow your mind away by the beauty and grace of how the first lady decorated the White House—and make you wish you could be one of the tens of thousands of visitors to the White House during this holiday season.

Mrs. Trump conveyed her “thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who worked to make sure the People’s House was ready for Christmas.”

“Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” she wrote in her statement.


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First Lady Melania Trump unveiled 2019 ‘Spirit of America’ Christmas decorations at the White House.

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