Migrants In The Caravan Got The Deportation Order They Never Saw Coming


This was the day the migrant caravan never thought would come.

Thousands of illegal aliens barreled through Central America with the intention of invading America.

But the migrants in the caravan just got the bad news they never saw coming.

Over 6,000 migrant invaders are camped out in Tijuana, Mexico.

They poured into the country expecting it to be nothing more than a pit stop before their march into America.

But they didn’t count on Donald Trump.

Trump knew the American people elected him for this moment.

So he pulled out all the stops to prevent the migrant invasion.

Trump ordered over 5,000 troops to the Southern border to provide logistical support so Border Patrol could concentrate on defending America’s sovereign border from migrant incursions.

He also reached a deal with Mexico to prevent migrants from entering America while their asylum claims were being processed.

This ended the disastrous policy of catch-and-release.

But the migrants also ran into another unexpected obstacle – the residents of Tijuana and their government.

Local citizens and officials protested the influx of thousands of poor migrants from some of the most dangerous parts of the world.

They worried about the crime, chaos and unsanitary conditions thousands of migrants brought with them.

Residents of Tijuana scored their first victory in defense of their community when the city government shut down a migrant camp right near the U.S. border.

Government officials moved the migrants farther away to a venue that was used for concerts.

The local government cited unsanitary conditions as the primary motivation for evicting the migrants and shifting them farther south and away from local communities.

In addition, newly sworn in Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced an agreement with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to implement an economic development package to stem the flow of migrants making their way to Mexico.

Tijuana official Genaro Lopez Moreno appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program and explained why these moves were necessary.

“There is a lot of trash because what I was [trying] to tell you, the 360 grew to 6,200 [migrants] and that’s when it got out of hand. So we got another facility, it’s a big concert hall where you can have like 10,000 people under a roof. We sent them over here but it has to be voluntary because the people from human rights, they have their delegates here, too. And they want to — they wanted to treat them too kindly. So the ones that didn’t want to go are staying here, so there’s like 1,500 people here, 2,200 people there and there are like 2,000 people that we … aren’t accounted for,” Moreno declared.

Carlson questioned Lopez Moreno about his feelings on thousands of unaccounted for illegal aliens flowing into his country.

Moreno expressed frustration at the situation.

“Well, I have heard that like the border patrol has been going up in detentions. Like 100-150 more detentions a day [more than] than they used to,” Moreno answered. “Some of them have made it across, not a lot but some of them. Most of them, some are staying here. The ones that are outside here in the streets, they said it because they already started their paperwork for getting work permits here in Mexico, they want to stay in Mexico. They know that someone popped the bubble of their American dream and they’re staying here. 200 have been repatriated home voluntarily and we have deported more than 200. There have been like 236 detained by police and we send them through the immigration system.”

Carlson then asked Moreno if he understood how Americans felt about millions of illegal aliens living within the nation’s border.

Moreno delivered an answer that would have had the media shouting “racist” if a Trump supporter had expressed those feelings.

“Yeah. People here, the people from Tijuana are frustrated, if these people came here legally, if they went to our border and they started a work visa, a student visa, tourist visa there would be no problem,” Moreno responded.

Belief in national sovereignty and borders are universal values.

In fact, it is the fake news media and Democrats belief in open borders that is the outlier and the extremist position.

Citizens of Mexico are no different than those in the United States.

They want a country with real and enforceable borders and a say as to who comes into their country and in how many numbers.

Angela Merkel throwing Germany’s borders open to allow over one million Islamists to pour into Europe broke the continent from the decades-long consensus on the European Union.

Her decision led to the Brexit referendum and the rise of nationalist populist parties in countries across Europe.

The migrant caravan appears to be the breaking point for Mexico on tolerating mass migration and their country being used as a weigh station for mobs of illegal aliens flooding the United States.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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