New York, There Was No Pandemic, Just a Murder of Senior Citizens In Nursing Homes, By Decree of Governor Cuomo -- Here Is The Proof, Charted

Updated: 2020-11-26 23:45:07

 stock here, Cuomo Issued his decree "Must receive COVID patients and cannot test" on March 25th 2020.

Dozens of New York nursing homes didn’t see their first COVID-19 case until sick patients were sent there, many under Andrew Cuomo’s state policy. To date, 6% of the state’s nursing home population, or roughly 6,500 residents, have died.

The Cuomo Administration Hasn’t Said Which Nursing Homes Were Infected With COVID-19 After Its Order Sent Positive Patients Into Them (

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On May 25th we wrote about Nursing Gate

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And on July 18th we gathered the letters from the Dem Governors that caused over 60,000 deaths.

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