‘Nutty Nadler and his Schiff show—he can’t even stay awake’ says Hannity

Updated: 2019-12-14 18:30:31

House Democrats are gaining a reputation, but not a good one. Those who won their seats in districts carried by President Trump in 2016, can be held responsible for the continuing impeachment circus, and have been labeled “cowards” and “frauds.”

“[Impeachment] could all come to an end right now if these 31 … self-described moderates, they ran as moderates, weren’t standing in the way,” Sean Hannity said on Friday night, Dec. 13,  Fox News.

“They represent the districts that President Trump won and in some cases, by big margins. Almost none of them are willing to go up for their own constituents. We hear maybe eight might break away. Now, sadly, these cowards are ready and willing, they’re willing to walk the plank for Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the squad,” he added.

Hannity accused them of caring less about their constituents and pandering to the party leadership. Describing the past week as a disaster for the deep state and the “mob” in the media, Hannity was livid, telling his audience, “They care more about the radical socialist, far-left leadership, divisive, do-nothing Democratic Party than they do about Americans and what they have now done to this country for three years,” Hannity said.

He slammed the 31 Democrats, exposing their weakness.

“In order to get elected, that means they had to lie to the voters and pretend to be independent-minded, rational leaders,” Hannity said. “But now you, we the people… we know the truth. These lawmakers, none of them are moderates.”

The American people can now see them for what they are, said the Fox host. “They’re all frauds. Almost all of them supporting the most vague, the weakest, politically motivated two articles of impeachment,” Hannity added.

“Nutty Nadler and his Schiff show—he can’t even stay awake. Sweet dreams Jerry!” said Hannity. And to top it off, one Democratic congressman was caught watching GOLF on his laptop in the middle of the impeachment hearings! And they call this the “very serious, solemn process?” The Democrats expect Americans to take their show seriously?

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source : thebl.com