Parents of UK’s Smallest Baby Get Engaged at Child’s First Birthday Party

Parents of the tiniest baby in Great Britain surprised guests by getting engaged at their daughter’s first birthday party on June 15.

Family and friends cheered when Exmouth father Ryan Evans, 26, got down on one knee and proposed to partner Kym Brown, 25, while celebrating the first year since their daughter Isabella was born.

The baby was born prematurely at just 24 weeks of pregnancy and weighing less than a pound on June 14, 2018. Health professionals delivered Isabella, whose hand was about the size of a penny, through an emergency Cesarean section procedure.

She also underwent two life-saving operations and endured several months of health challenges before she was finally cleared to check out of hospital in December 2018.

“It is not just a celebration of her birth, it is her surviving really,” Evans said in a video obtained by SWNS TV. “We, for a long time, did not think we would get to this point, it’s really special for us to find a new family and there is only one thing left to make us a family.”

The mother and daughter were thrilled to accept Evans’ proposal of marriage.

“Dad did you hear that? She [Isabella] said, ‘I can’t wait,'” Brown said.

Evans confirmed the engagement on social media, admitting he was nervous when he proposed.

“Me and Kym are now engaged! Finally bucked up the courage (I had a few drinks….) to pop the big question,” Evans wrote on Facebook. “I can’t wait for us to be man and wife. You are the best mum to our little girl and I love you both so much.”

Evans thanked the generosity of friends and family who delivered many gifts to Isabella.

“Thank you for all of her presents as well, she has been spoilt rotten and don’t think she’ll be needing any new toys for a while,” he said.

“We have been through the most amazing and terrifying journey with you,” Evans wrote in a separate post on Facebook. “You are the strongest little fighter I have ever and will ever know, you beat every odd thrown at you, from making it through birth at just 0.7lbs to surviving major bowel surgery with just a 5 percent chance, to coming home with us after 6 long months.”

Evans described his daughter’s survival as a “little miracle.”

“You make me so proud every single day and I tell myself how lucky I am to have you everytime I look at you,” he said. “Being a dad is the best thing in the world and being your dad makes it even more special.”

He said there are still many happy memories to come.

“I can’t wait to watch you grow, see you cut your first tooth, take your first steps, and say your first words,” he said. “I love you so much squish.”


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