Psychologists recommend mothers should take breaks by going on mom-cations

Updated: 2019-08-22 11:16:02

Being a mother can be physically and mentally exhausting and one of the hardest jobs on the planet; that’s why psychologists are saying women should take a vacation from the work.

The idea of taking a “mom-cation,” a short vacation where moms travel together or solo without their partners or children is a growing topic in parenting magazines, blogs and other outlets.

Psychologists are now suggesting that moms traveling alone can improve family relationships and family life as a whole.

A recent study shows that moms work an average of 98 hours a week, which is equivalent to working two full-time jobs and working overtime.

The American Sociological Review found mothers spend around 10 more hours a week multitasking with housework and child care than fathers. The study reports more negative emotions, stress, psychological distress, and work-family conflict are associated with these multitasking activities.

Health experts say alone time is needed to feel refreshed, even a two-day vacay can make a big difference. 

They also said momcations can enhance the relationship between a woman and her spouse and teach children about family roles in balance.

Taking a break could be more beneficial to you and your family unit in the long run than not finding time to relax.

A mini “mom-cation” could even just be getting coffee alone or going shopping by yourself.

So moms don’t feel guilty, you’ve earned it. 

If you know someone should have a “mom-cation,” pass this article along to them.

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