Rush Limbaugh Exposed A Secret About Obama’s Deep State That Will Floor You

This was the day Barack Obama and his Deep State allies were dreading.

All their treachery is out in the open.

That’s because Rush Limbaugh revealed a secret about Obama’s Deep State that will put you at a loss for words.

During a recent broadcast, Limbaugh described all the internal opposition Donald Trump faced during this Presidency.

Institutional Washington and the fake news media wanted him gone from day one.

RINO Republicans undercut his agenda at every turn.

And Obama loyalists in the Deep State plotted a coup using the Russia investigation to try and orchestrate his impeachment or resignation.

The latest domino to fall was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announcing he was leaving the administration in mid-March.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to run his rigged witch hunt and oversaw the investigation.

The fake news media tried to sell Americans on the story that Rosenstein’s resigning means more chaos in the administration.

But Limbaugh pointed out this was just part of the regular course of business.

Trump nominated William Barr to serve as Attorney General and Barr would want his own deputy.

“The news hit today that Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general, is going to leave. This isn’t news! He was always gonna leave once the AG that’s been nominated, William Barr, is confirmed, because Barr will then get to choose his own deputy if he wants, working with Trump to do it. So it isn’t news that Rosenstein was gonna leave, but that doesn’t mean the Drive-Bys cannot have a fit about it.”

The real news about Rosenstein leaving – Limbaugh explained – is it means Mueller will wrap up his hoax investigation by mid-March.

“Yeah, right there, CNN’s got the story. We told you Bret Baier, Fox News, earlier today said that Rosenstein leaving means that that’s pretty much a sign the Mueller investigation’s about over — and one of the reasons why is what Rosenstein said. Rosenstein said he would leave when the new AG is confirmed and when he’s convinced that the Mueller investigation is safe. Meaning it will be completed, meaning Trump isn’t gonna fire him, meaning that it’s okay. So the conventional wisdom is that the Mueller investigation will soon be drawing to a close, and that’s gonna be (Whew!) fascinating and interesting.”

Many Trump supporters wondered why the President kept Rosenstein around all this time.

When word leaked that Rosenstein proposed wearing a wire to secretly record the President and that he sounded out cabinet officials about using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, everyone figured he was a dead man walking.

But Trump believed if he fired Rosenstein, Congress could initiate impeachment proceedings as they would take Trump sacking Rosenstein as a sign he would end Mueller’s probe.

So Trump waited Rosenstein out.

He knew Mueller found no evidence of collusion so there would be nothing in his report that would cause Republican support to waiver.

And as Limbaugh noted on his show, Rosenstein leaving means the end is near for Mueller.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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