Secretary of Defense Chris Miller Makes Stunning Annoucement, Puts All Special Ops Troops In Civilian World Under Trump Command

Updated: 2020-11-19 08:16:03

Miller stated the he made the decision, keeping Trump out of it.    Making it harder for the rabid left to claim that Trump is a tyrant unwilling to give up power. 


Miller said as the department transitions to “provide greater civilian oversight .. and critically advocacy for special operators,” the reform he signed Wednesday “couldn’t come at a more critical moment".

The "old crew" admitted that they were not drawing down troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though they said they were.    Hmmmm.....more never trumpers keeping the USA "involved" and disrupting the world, at least pieces of it. 

 The only MSM that I could find covering this story was a small local ABC site, who claimed Chris Miller "Made a Quick Stop".   LOL.   And unleashed the Kraken!

They further say that 

"He also announced a change in communication structure."




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