Seven Director’s Cuts to Watch After ‘Apocalypse Now’

Director’s cuts are having a bit of a moment. This week sees the release of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now: Final Cut,” a work 40 years in the making. Ari Aster is also debuting a nearly three-hour extended version of “Midsommar,” and Quentin Tarantino is hard at work recutting his westerns. After releasing “The Hateful Eight” as a four episode Netflix series, he has announced that he’s working on a director’s cut of “Django Unchained” as well.

In an era where it’s easier than ever to distribute content to fans, artists are taking full advantage of the opportunity to show off their original visions. If these new releases piqued your interest, here are seven more essential director’s cuts to check out.


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