Study: 95% of CCP Virus cases would have been prevented if Chinese regime acted earlier

Updated: 2020-04-01 13:45:03

A study on the strategies for containing the outbreak of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] Virus in China scientifically confirms the responsibility of the communist regime for the spread of the pandemic that is affecting the world.

“If NPIs [non-pharmaceutical interventions] could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier in China, cases could have been reduced by 66%, 86%, and 95%, respectively,” the researchers said in the study carried out at the University of Southampton, located in the UK.

In fact, the Chinese regime concealed the appearance of the contagious disease for about two months, causing the serious disaster that is shaking the world today, preventing the appropriate containment strategies for the outbreak of the CCP Virus.

The researchers also reiterated, “Early deployment of NPIs is also important to prevent further spread.”

Likewise, the study insists on prolonged social distancing to avoid the reoccurrence of infections.

“Social-distancing intervention should be continued for the next few months in China to prevent case numbers increasing again after travel restrictions were lifted on February 17, 2020,” suggests the University of Southampton’s work.

NPIs are actions that differ from vaccination and medication to help stop the spread of disease and can be carried out by individuals and communities.

These containment activities are one of the best ways to control pandemic flu, such as that generated by the CCP Virus when the human population has little or no immunity to it.

The CCP Virus has already caused more than 40,000 deaths worldwide, and the Chinese regime, far from assuming responsibility, launched international propaganda campaigns to falsely blame the United States for this disaster.

The Trump administration invoked the Defense Protection Act (DPA), in order to direct companies to meet the needs of national defense, to which many of them have responded.

One example is the General Motors company, which will be able to offer a maximum of 1.5 million masks per month for use by delivery personnel and those not highly exposed to infection, thanks to a partnership with the United Auto Workers (UAW).

In addition, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working quickly across all 50 states to convert convention centers, hotels, and dormitories into temporary hospitals to meet some of the demands of the pandemic.

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