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Updated: 2019-08-22 15:03:02

Help Free Radio..

I had some job cuts not to long ago. Still looking for a 2nd job and working on other projects to try to generate other streams of income. I get by via the skin of my teeth. I have heard so many times people telling me I can make money with them. Empty promises. I have done this free for 10 years. I only get 100 bucks every 6 months for one banner on this site. Sometimes donations for the show but rarely. Any amount helps keep up morale while new opportunies come a banging. If you’d like to donate you can at the following paypal email [email protected]  it will say Martha Kanes on that paypal send thing. I am going to have to start saving up to pay for the site in 2020 if I plan to keep it up. If you have any questions leave a comment with your email and I’ll drop you a line. Thanks. Jeffery Pritchett

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