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Rep. Jim Davnie said, “There is no curriculum in this bill. The Minnesota Legislature does not and I would say should not, determine the correct curriculum. So there’s no curriculum in this bill.” “There’s no mention of Planned Parenthood either in this bill.” Reporter Coleman said, “Now, Republicans had one amendment that would have allowed entire school districts to opt out of sex ed. That one failed. They also had an amendment that would have barred outside instructors from coming into schools to teach the sex education classes. That one also failed …”

Why not capitalism

Is this really the best we can do? By definition, our public school system is a monopoly operated by socialists. They work for the local central government and do not really answer to the student body they teach nor more importantly, their tax paying parents or other local property tax payers. This is a big mistake. Free market capitalism is better. Schooling should be local and completely the responsibility of the buying customer/parent and the business providing the education with a further responsibility to shareholders who provide the capital. It’s called American capitalism. If the Second Amendment trusts our citizens with guns then I think it’s okay to trust individual parents with their children’s education. I believe in freedom and good Americans.

Government involvement really does mess up this understanding and of course, what ideology would you expect socialists to advocate. Socialists don’t like capitalism. Almost all schools in the United States are funded completely or subsidized in some way by an extensive set of local, state, and federal taxes, and therefore, they almost all lack that brilliant and simple self-regulating customer to business owner relationship so profoundly important to the success of all capitalism and the real root of our success in America. Again, a historical fact not emphasized by our school curriculum taught by socialists.

We have met the enemy and he is us

Just imagine what happens to a restaurant that serves food that only a few people enjoy. They either change their menu according to what the customers are willing to come back to and purchase or they go out of business. I contend that socialism is the fundamental flaw in our education model. Since, they are socialist by definition, they are free to either promote all kinds of gobbledygook socialism over capitalism or just completely denounce capitalism all together. In addition, with God removed from the classroom, they also fail to teach morals.||c0cbb45e6__

Our deep state of corruption confirms what people of common sense already intuitively understand. If you fail to instruct students in moral behavior and the true lessons of history, then they will unknowingly act immoral. And in the words of that great hero of freedom, Winston Churchill, ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’ And of course we are repeating the lessons of monopoly and failed socialism.

Fraudulent education

In 2014 during a discussion at the Heritage Foundation called “Walter Williams Suffers No Fools,” host Steve Moore and American economist, commentator, and academic Walter Williams discusses a fraud endemic to our public education monopoly. The average American is unaware that the average black high school graduate is fraudulently assumed able to perform at the 12th grade level when in fact, they cannot even read and write at the eighth-grade level.

Dr. Williams said, “People like a monopoly in what they sell and competition in what they buy.” Moore replied, “So what about the school system? How would you fix it? I mean you have lived in Philadelphia. You work here in the Washington area. You’ve seen some of the lousy intercity schools. It seems like there is a lot of resistance to fixing them even among the minority leaders.” Williams said, “I think it’s beyond lousy. That’s not the term. That is, it’s virtually criminal. That is, the average American does not know that the average black kid who’s in the 12th grade, and these are the national assessment policy tests, the average black kid who’s in the 12th grade, he has the writing, computational, and reading skills of a white seventh- or eighth-grader. So it means that many of these kids are getting high school diplomas and the high school diploma attests that they can read and write and compute at a 12th-grade level when in fact, they cannot read and write and compute at the eighth-grade level. That is fraud! That is utter fraud by the education establishment.”

Williams continued, “Now the educational establishment and the rotten education that many black kids get can be attributed to many things. Poor parenting, kids who have alien and hostile minds to the education process, and there are many many things that the education establishment cannot control but, however, they can control the conferring of a degree. And they should not confer a degree to a person, a 12th-grade diploma, to a kid that cannot read and write at the eighth-grade level. And the tragedy of it is that most black people do not know this.” Moore replied, “They don’t know what?” Williams said, “They don’t know that the kids are having a fraudulent education. And then when these kids go to college under Affirmative Action, they are getting in on terms other than other people. And so most black kids, they don’t graduate.” Moore said, “You are against Affirmative Action?” Williams said, “Yes, I’m against making choices by race.”

Schooling of the swamp

So, as he just said, most black people and most Americans do not know of this fraud. What other public education shortcomings are we unaware of? How about the public school contribution to our deep state of corruption. Officials at the local, state, and federal level are purposely hiding all kinds of education as well as other government shortcomings that would naturally be much more difficult to hide from local customers. Bureaucrats have a vested interest in keeping the truth hidden in order to protect their programs and insure job security. While government almost always causes many more problems than it ever fixes and definitely costs us all way too much in taxes, we are unlikely to hear truthful criticism from people protecting their livelihood. On the other hand, a free market will only provide customers that which they are willing to pay for. You cannot force them to eat your food and you cannot force them to buy your menu. Simple as that. Meanwhile, our graduates occupy many positions of responsibility, apply their great education in socialism, and enact the very wicked narratives we see revealed in our deep state. That’s exactly how we got here.

Vested interest prevent improvement

Host Moore said, “There’s something that’s puzzled me. If all your theories are right. The welfare state has hurt people. The public school system has hurt blacks. The minimum wage is hurting blacks. All these, the war against blacks that you’re talking about in (Dr. William’s book) “The State Against Blacks.”  Yet, the people who support these programs are obviously the Democratic Party. They’ve pushed these programs, tell minorities that these are programs that are going to help them and you know, last time I looked, Democrats, somewhere between 90 and 95 percent of blacks today vote for the Democratic Party. For the very programs that you say, who espouse the very programs that you say are hurting blacks. How do you explain that paradox?” Williams replied, “Well I think that the programs hurt the blacks near the bottom the most. Now there are blacks who are in the upper class. They benefit. For example, the public education establishment that is most blacks professionals. Most blacks who have a BA degree, have the degree in primary or secondary education. I believe for women, it’s like 46 percent and I think men, around 40 some percent. So they have a vested interest in the status quo, in the public education establishment. And they don’t want a voucher system. They don’t want tuition tax credits. They don’t want anything that would introduce competition because, you know, they want a monopoly. And if you are part of a monopoly and if you’re benefiting from the monopoly then you want a monopoly. I don’t know what they tell themselves that they’re somehow doing the best thing for blacks?”

Hear more wisdom from Dr. Walter Williams condemning minimum wage laws in this video:||2c30c469e__

For many years, millions of our citizens have been indoctrinated universally with many of the same lies and distortions that have helped transform our government from a small empire to an enormous wet nurse or nanny state characterized by excessively high taxes, bogus programs like welfare and Affirmative Action, too many unnecessary bureaucrats, and a universal education that dumb us down with socialism, a significant lack of moral foundation, and a general inability to identify, resist, or repair our current deep state.

BL to the rescue

So don’t despair. We, at the Beauty of Life or the BL for short, have arrived with part of the solution called the truth and we are coming to the aid of everyone willing to listen and think for themselves. To support our programing, please mail your check or money order made payable to The Beauty Of Life to 195 South St. Middletown, NY 10940 and help us keep America great. Thank you. Next time we’ll explore the U.S. refugee relocation program coming soon to a county near you with The Swamp is in your backyard P2: You pay for refugees.

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