'The Walking Dead' actor Ilan Srulovicz talks cancel culture, media censorship: 'It is Orwellian'

Updated: 2021-01-25 18:50:24

"" actor appeared on "" Monday to discuss cancel culture and what he sees as a growing trend of censoring conservative voices in America. 

In addition to acting, Srulovicz is also the CEO and founder of Egard Watch Co., which recently put out a video titled "" in an attempt to highlight what he believes is an alarming problem of mainstream media and Hollywood censoring opposing voices. 

"I felt like it was very important for a company to come out and take that stand," he explained.  "It wasn't as an individual. So I put my company, Egard, behind it. We have a big following and, essentially, I just wanted to start fighting back against the extreme kind of censorship that we're seeing nowadays. I wanted to show that also companies can take a stand. I think it's very important."

He went on to discuss the top five companies in America having too much control over the flow of information. 

He continued: "The foundation of any country that's getting any society that's going to progress is going to be built on the notion of freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of thought. We've been having a decay of that for quite some time. I mean, it's not a new concept. Like I said, it is Orwellian. I mean, people have written about this for many decades and have warned against it. The notion that people are now saying we have to reprogram people to think the way we want them to think is scary. I don't care which side of the aisle you're on. It should be something we can come out and say, ‘Hey, this is wrong.’ We should be able to have dialog. We should be able to have debate when that's out of the equation."

In recent weeks, has proposed ways to fix the information flow in the U.S. that includes media literacy initiatives to help and combat misinformation. Meanwhile, Katie Couric took things a step further, musing on Bill Maher’s show that Republicans, specifically supporters, need to be . 

Srulovicz concluded his remarks by noting that Hollywood will play a big role in either combatting censorship or enabling it. 

"If you're in Hollywood and you come out with an opinion that's different than what Hollywood deems acceptable, you're vilified, you're targeted, your career is over," he explained. "Hollywood actually sets trends. It sets culture. And this is really a cultural battle. We have to make it acceptable once again to disagree with each other and to have a diversity of opinion."

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source : www.foxnews.com