This Awful Attack on White People Could Doom Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now driving the Democratic Party off a cliff.

And the New York Congresswoman is now plotting to move the party even further to the left.

But this awful attack on white people could doom Ocasio-Cortez in 2020.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is obsessed with moving the Democratic Party even further to the left.

But the freshman socialist may be sowing the seeds for her own destruction as she drives the Democratic Party off of a left-wing cliff.

Ocasio-Cortez is so fixated on social justice and economic redistribution that she may not realize the damage she is doing to her own party.

The fact is, the majority of Americans are not comfortable with her views, and her party is now pushing a new outrageous proposal that could doom them in 2020.

The Daily Caller has the story, “Reparations are entering the 2020 presidential race, as several Democratic hopefuls have come out in support of them, the most recent being Bernie Sanders in an interview with NPR yesterday.”

The concept of “reparations” for an evil thing like slavery, which existed over 150 years ago, is such a radical and outrageous idea that not even Barack Obama supported it in 2008 or 2012.

Many Americans, white and black, worked tirelessly to end slavery. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died during the Civil War which ended slavery.

The descendants of those same men could now be asked to hand over money to pay for something that their ancestors fought and died to end.

Even worse, there’s not a single American alive today who was around when slavery existed. There’s also not a single American alive whose parents were slaves either.

Yet multiple Democratic presidential candidates are now supporting the idea, including Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

These candidates have taken note from Ocasio-Cortez that there’s no such thing as “too far left”.

Despite the fact that slavery ended over 150 years ago, Warren and Harris think that Americans should be punished or rewarded for something that not a single living person today experienced.

These plans are of course nothing short of a bizarre attempt to pander to their radical far-left base, which Ocasio-Cortez is the leader of.

But from a political perspective, it’s a disaster.

The overwhelming majority of Americans oppose reparations for slavery.

And for good reason.

The same argument used for reparations for slavery could be used for endless historical grievances.

Almost every race, ethnicity, religion, and nationality in the world would have reason to demand “reparations” for some sort of past transgression.

And candidates like Warren and Harris both want to open up that Pandora’s Box.

By fighting with themselves over who will be the most far-left candidate, Democrats currently running in the party primary are throwing away any chance of defeating President Trump in 2020.

And they’re setting themselves up for a monumental political disaster unlike anything this country has ever seen.

Do you think Democrats are moving too far to the left?

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