This Election Result Just Sealed The Caravan’s Fate


Donald Trump made stopping the migrant caravan invading America his closing argument in the midterm election.

The media believed Trump made a massive mistake and could cause a blue wave to wash Republicans out of power.

But this election result just sealed the caravan’s fate.

Republicans Grow their Senate Majority on the Strength on Trump’s Immigration Agenda

Republicans picked up at least three Senate seats – and maybe as many as five when all the votes are counted – because red state Republican challengers embraced Trump’s immigration agenda.

They agreed with Trump that the caravan must be stopped.

Allowing the caravan to enter the country will invite future migrant invasions.

The media spent weeks claiming Trump’s message was “racist.”

However, that was because they knew immigration was a winning issue for Trump.

So they lied about it being racist in an effort to pressure him to drop an issue that hurt the Democrats.

But Trump pressed the issue and the voters rewarded him on election night.

He tweeted on Wednesday that the candidates that supported his agenda won.

Those that worked with me in this incredible Midterm Election, embracing certain policies and principles, did very well. Those that did not, say goodbye! Yesterday was such a very Big Win, and all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!

Republicans who Opposed Trump Lost

The reality of the election was the candidates who supported Trump’s crackdown on immigration won.

Pro-amnesty Republicans who took the media’s advice and “stood up to Trump” lost.

Republican voters were not interested in supporting disloyal RINOs who played to the fake news media instead of supporting the President.

RINO Congresswoman Barbara Comstock of Virginia lost even though she declared she would oppose a government shutdown to win funding for Trump’s border wall.

Colorado RINO Mike Coffman – who supports amnesty and repeatedly criticized Trump’s immigration policies – also lost.

They followed the lousy advice of pro-open borders RINO Paul Ryan.

Ryan insisted the Republicans should campaign on the economy instead of immigration.

Trump supporters pointed out the difference in political instincts.

Trump is President because he embraced a strong stance on immigration.

Ryan is a failed Vice Presidential candidate and presided over losing the House because he supports amnesty and open borders.

The Caravan’s Future

Trump supporters winning and pro-amnesty RINOs shut the door on any caravan invasions.

Republicans learned a valuable lesson.

Slamming the door on illegal immigration is the path to victory.

Americans want a secure border.

They reward candidates who follow Donald Trump’s lead on immigration.

And they fire candidates who play footsie with open borders and made public statements in favor of allowing the caravan to invade the country.

This sets the tone for the 2020 campaign.

Trump proved in two elections that immigration is the issue that puts Democrats on the defensive.

In 2020, the Democrat base will insist their candidate support amnesty and open borders.

That means the Democratic nominee starts the campaign behind the eight ball on the defining issue in American politics.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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