Top CCP Officials in Beijing Grow Quiet as Epidemic Continues

Updated: 2020-07-07 14:30:12

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Although Beijing is not officially under lockdown, authorities imposed measures to restrict activities amid the CCP virus outbreak. Locals are not allowed to leave the city without a negative result taken within seven days. Authorities claimed to have the situation under control, but residents are worried. Furthermore, top-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have not made public appearances since the outbreak re-emerged in Beijing earlier this month.

On June 23, the officials of the China Railway Beijing Group announced at a press conference that travels out of Beijing will be restricted. In addition, anyone who visited Xinfadi food market since May 30, or who have had close contact with the market’s employees and live in the communities near the market is not allowed to leave the city. They advised the public to remain in the city unless it is absolutely necessary. For those who need to leave Beijing, they will need to be tested negative on a nucleic acid test within seven days, or else they cannot board trains. Presently, a station in Beijing has decreased about 50 or 60 trains per day and the average daily passenger flow has dropped significantly.

Mr. Jiang, a Beijing resident, said: “Indeed, no one can leave the city without a valid result of the nucleic acid test. This is basically the same as a lockdown. There are not many vehicles on the streets and we have all been staying at home. If they want to lock down the city, they can go ahead. There is nothing that can be done for the rest of the year now. I will be happy if I can survive, I have not been able to work for six months and soon I will have to borrow some money.”

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