Tucker Carlson Shut Down CNN’s Attack On Trump Over The Caravan


CNN’s war with Donald Trump took an ugly turn.

The fake news outlet tried to smear the President with one ugly attack about the caravan.

But Tucker Carlson stepped up and shut down CNN once and for all.

Tucker Carlson Defends Donald Trump

In the final weeks of the campaign, Donald Trump put “America First” front-and-center.

First, Trump described himself as a “nationalist.”

Then he took serious steps to secure the Southern border and stop the migrant caravan from invading America.

The left lost their minds over this.

They called Trump a racist and said that by embracing the label of “nationalist,” he was inviting comparisons to Adolph Hitler.

Tucker Carlson defended Trump on both counts during a recent broadcast.

That leads to the third issue of this election, which is nationalism. Despite what you are hearing day in and day out, nationalism is not a racial category. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity,” the Fox News host stated. “Nationalism is the belief that leaders ought to put the interest of their own countries above those of other countries. It’s very straightforward. The president himself declared himself the nationalist of the other night. Watch.”

Carlson continued by noting that every leader of every country in human history was a “nationalist.”

Trump is a nationalist, so in normal times, the President of the United States announcing that his main goal is protecting the United States would not qualify as news because until about 10 minutes ago, every leader of every nation-state throughout history has been a nationalist almost by definition,” Carlson continued. “Franklin Roosevelt was a nationalist. So was Abraham Lincoln. So was Mahatma Gandhi. So was Nelson Mandela. Nationalism has always been the rule, and why wouldn’t it be? And yet suddenly it’s an abomination.

CNN Smears Donald Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon smeared Trump for using the term “nationalist” during a campaign rally.

He accused Trump of signaling to racists and anti-Semites that he stood by them.

“We’re going to talk about that word tonight,” Lemon ranted. “It is a favorite of the alt-right and is loaded with nativist and racial undertones. And ‘globalist.’ Well, globalist has been used as a slur of sorts, sometimes even against those in the administration, often with anti-Semitic overtones. Which just happened to make the president come right out and embrace nationalism. Openly. And claim that mantle.”

But Tucker Carlson ripped Lemon to shreds.

Dumb people repeating their same talking points. So the message is nationalism is now profanity. Twitter and Facebook will surely be banning that term if they haven’t already. But why? What exactly is going on here?” Carlson continued.

Why are they so intent on stamping out not just a concept but the very word? It’s simple. What you are watching his people protecting their own prerogatives. Globalization, which is the opposite of nationalism, has caused an enormous transfer of wealth from the American middle class to what we used to call ‘the third world,’ to other countries,” he concluded.

Globalists want open borders.

They want mass migration.

CNN may believe in a borderless America, but the people elected Donald Trump to put America first.

There is nothing racist about that.

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