Windows 10 -- More Powerful Way to Spy on You, Being Jammed Down Your Throat, as Awesome Win 7 Is Strangled

stock here.    I have one computer with Windows 10, and I hate it.    Beyond the spying, I just hate it.

Last fall I predicted that Microsoft would intentionally release viruses to screw up Win 7 users.   Haven't seen that yet, it will come.

Now if you have a subscription to Office 365, they say some things will stop working because 365 "requires" being run under a "supported" operating system.

While being badgered and pushed into Windows 10, a new story broke....Microsoft had 250 Million
customer records completely unprotected, just totally out there on the web, no account or password needed!!!!

So they pretty much got us by the short hairs.    We need an Electronic Bill of Rights for Americans.

Attached are some of my screen caps of this horrendous way they are jamming the spy worthy, and dysfunctional Windows 10 down our throats.


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