China News

British MPs hit out at ‘public nuisance charges used to intimidate and silence pro-democracy figures.’
Huang Wenxun is under formal arrest on suspicion of 'picking quarrels and stirring up trouble.'
Police confront Nanjing activist Shi Jing with tweets supporting a detained rights lawyer before deleting his account on Twitter.
The country's internet regulator orders service providers to clamp down on users, as police encourage citizens to inform on their neighbors.
Police hand down an "administrative punishment" to rights lawyer Sun Shihua after she complained about a beating and strip search at their hands.
Beijing’s moves in South China Sea threaten sovereignty of nations, Mike Pence says.
Bishop Peter Shao of Wenzhou has been taken to an unknown location amid pressure for him to join a state-sponsored body in charge of Chinese Catholics.
The protest comes as a U.S. congressional report hits out at a string of recent blows to the city's traditional freedoms of speech, association and publication.
U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission says hope of a reforming China has faded.
Guo Quan says he is in good health and plans to make a living selling his own calligraphy.
China's National Judges College party chief calls on Hong Kong branch members to 'fight against wrong words and actions.
Xifeng, one of China's four most famous brands of liquor called baijiu, could be unsafe for human consumption, ...
Lawmakers raise concerns that a private bridge used by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) could weaken the city's law enforcement.
Beijing Fengrui law firm has ceased to exist, three years after a nationwide crackdown targeting hundreds of human rights lawyers and activists.
A Maoist student group showing solidarity with workers at Jasic Technology in Shenzhen is the main target for a growing, nationwide crackdown.
The head of the Unirule Institute of Economics, Sheng Hong, says the authorities are targeting independent voices from the private sector.
Yang Chong and his wife Wu Yuhua fled China in 2015 after being targeted for their activism.
Democratic politicians and journalists say Beijing's 'red lines' are vague and subject to change, and that the city's government nods along with them too willingly.
At least one student is detained after a protest outside the Apple Store in Beijing, while student Marxists in Nanjing are beaten by 'unidentified men.'
Li Wenzu and fellow activists wear T-shirts at a court building in Tianjin calling for the release of Wang Quanzhang.