"The Diary of a Teenage Girl" and "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" director Marielle Heller makes her studio debut with this biographical drama.
For the first time since her celebrity son passed away the grieving mother of comedy actor Cameron Boyce spoke out on July 20.
A comedy actress has revealed her health condition is deteriorating as she continues to fight a debilitating immune system disease on July 17.
Universal Pictures won a heated bidding war between six other studios for the new project from Wilde and the "Set It Up" writer.
See Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Al Pacino in behind the scenes photos from Quentin Tarantino's new film.
With $185 million in its opening weekend, Disney's remake showed up the critics and declared the dominance of all things familiar.
Former Super Bowl champion Mitch Petrus, who played for the New York Giants, died at age 32, according ...
Kevin Feige and Tessa Thompson both confirmed during Comic-Con that Valkyrie will "find her queen," possibly in "Thor: Love and Thunder."
"The Farewell" stuns in second week expansion, performing on the level of an awards contender--which it is.
2012 Thanos was set to arrive by throwing Cap's severed head at the feet of the Avengers.
New England Patriots quarterback was criticized on social media for jumping off a cliff with his 6-year-old daughter ...
The two-time Oscar-winner assumes the part of the half-vampire vampire-hunter previously played by Wesley Snipes.
The Taika Waititi film will take inspiration in part from Jason Aaron's comic series in which Jane Foster becomes the Goddess of Thunder.
The billion-dollar franchise has announced the next step in box office domination: five films, kicking off next year with “Black Widow.”
Guillermo del Toro took part in a Comic-Con panel breaking down the practical effects used in "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark."
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