The Gotham nominations include some familiar fall season contenders — and a few surprises. Just how much do they matter in the Oscar race?
Hong Kong singer Denise Ho was met with a standing ovation on Oct. 24 in New York City's Town Hall, where she and 10 other activists recounted their experiences challenging repressive regimes.
A comedian was thrown out of an event highlighting young performers last night in Manhattan after protesting Harvey Weinstein's appearance.
"The conversation has started at least," Harris said of a possible spinoff with her "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins.
"As a lifelong Stephen King fanatic, I'm thrilled beyond words to be a part of something he loved," Hamill tweeted in response to King.
Having been dubbed "America's dad," Tom Hanks, with his long career of playing America's heroes and misfits, will ...
Eli Roth shares several memorable Tarantino stories in Tara Wood's new documentary, "QT8: The First Eight."
Actor Michael Douglas said that he blamed himself for his son’s drug addiction. "You rack your brain," he ...
There’s never been a better time for trans representation in Hollywood, so why are so many trans actors still out of work?
"The King" is Shakespeare's "Henry V" plus 3 of his other plays, rewritten. Chalamet nails the soft boyhood to hard manhood transition with conviction.
Did Arthur kill Sophie? It's one of the open-ended questions "Joker" fans have been debating since the film's release October 4.
This time around, it’s an app that’s trying to kill a hapless bunch, but big laughs and clever nods to the genre amp up a tired idea.
Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James came under yet more scrutiny this week after his outburst during the ...
The eldest child of Christian rapper TobyMac suddenly died his Nashville home, he said. Truett McKeehan, 21, died ...
Watching Anderson's favorite movies provides a crash course in some of the best international films ever made.
Greta Gerwig was joined by her ensemble for a Q&A after an early Los Angeles screening of the film, which wowed the audience.
Longtime daytime TV star Judge Judy revealed her 2020 choice, and it's former New York City Mayor Michael ...
Singer Bette Midler said that people should be "grateful" for the man who assaulted Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in 2017.
The film's ensemble cast, which includes Gerwig's "Lady Bird" stars Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet, is receiving universal acclaim.
Hollywood actor Tom Selleck, 74, is known for his signature mustache and his role as the private investigator ...