“I hate fucking extended cuts. I hate deleted scenes," Phillips tells Collider when asked about an extended edition of "Joker."
"The Irishman" gets a limited release on November 1 and Netflix is providing viewer's with a handy list of theaters showing it.
Director Taika Waititi chose composer Michael Giacchino to conjure some of the same fairy tale musical qualities of "Up" and "Ratatouille."
Awards from the Hamptons and Mill Valley add some intrigue to the awards conversation.
Jon Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh narrate a loving film that is essential viewing for fans of the Renee Zellweger biopic — and Judy herself.
Sources say Netflix is also hoping to turn the Paris into a long-term lease as the streamer looks to make the most of its Oscar contenders.
Essentially a 90-minute episode of "Planet Earth" that's aimed at children, this unfocused but emotional doc succeeds where Disney failed.
Lori Loughlin wants to ask fellow actress Felicity Huffman what prison is like, according to a new report. ...
Reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes suffered a freak injury as his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, played rival ...
From "Candyman" and Dario Argento classics to Val Lewton and Wes Craven.
The superhero's weight gain in "Avengers: Endgame" caused some viewers to accuse the blockbuster of being fat-phobic.
A theatrical release in China could bring the box office total for Tarantino's acclaimed new film over the $400 million worldwide.
Belas Artes launches October 31. Its the first of its kind for the South American country.
Originally slated for a Christmas theatrical release, McCarthy's Superintelligence will instead head straight to HBO Max.
The winners of this weekend's indie animation festival in Hollywood will seize momentum in the Oscar race.
"Jojo Rabbit" has seen both dour reviews and the TIFF Audience Award. This weekend, we'll see which narrative plays with audiences.
Terrible reviews couldn't stop "Venom" from being a box office hit with over $850 million worldwide.
Linda Woolverton, the woman who brought Belle, Maleficent, and the first billion-dollar animated movie to Disney, speaks her mind.
Dano will face off against Robert Pattinson's Batman in the 2021 superhero tentpole.
The English actress barely had time to catch her breath moving from one set to the next.