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Alicia Renette Williams, 45, was an English teacher.
It's summertime and the woods are calling! A walk in the forest or a camping trip with friends ...
Meghan Budden, a new mom from Hoboken, New Jersey, wanted to create a relaxing environment for herself and ...
In China, the prevalence of "knockoff" products—which look similar to expensive, quality brands but are made at a ...
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can sound like snake oil in online advertisements that promise it cures almost anything. It can't. But sometimes it is just the thing.
Kids can't resist the allure of digital devices. If parents don't play their part managing screen time, kids risk physical and psychological side effects.
Plants can be a powerful source of healing, and for addicts in recovery, getting their hands in the soil can help them grow on their journey to sobriety.
The opioid crisis may have begun with drug makers understating the risk of addiction, but researchers say new users often get pills from friends and family.
Many seniors feel—and act—decades younger than their actual age, which can lead to everything from ignoring medical advice to not planning for retirement.
Good food is simple. It rarely comes in a box, often needs to be washed or rinsed, and can help you avoid some of the most common diseases of our time.
Researchers have linked the awe we feel when touched by the beauty of nature, art, and spirituality with lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
Peanut butter and jam sandwiches were once a staple for school lunches. Then came the peanut allergies. Fortunately, therapy may but PBJ back on the menu.
Our smartphones may want us hunched over, thumbing away in some app, but our body loves to move and good posture translates into better quality of life.
Privacy advocates are raising concerns about beds and apps that can tell companies how often you are intimate or not sleeping well.
Our indoor lifestyle takes a toll that the sights, sounds, and scents of nature can help alleviate. It's a fun and inspiring way to feel better.
Dog parks are a brilliant idea for city dwellers with animal companions. Not only can the pent-up pups ...
President Trump announced a new rule that would help employees without employer health insurance pay for their health care.
Every day, it seems that another impressive-looking diet pops up on the internet, encouraging patrons to cut things ...
A researcher’s recent discovery could take the edge off of blood shortages for patients in need of it. ...