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The state of Michigan has succeeded in reducing prescribed opioid use by one-third after seven months of implementing new post-operative prescription medical protocols. The Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC) is a statewide, collaborative quality improvement project that keeps a clinical record of general, vascular, and gynecologic surgical procedures, collecting a random sample of 50,000 patients […]
Researchers tracked 10,228 for nearly 20 years to uncover the link between social connection and dementia.
Sometimes we just don't have the brain power we need to keep track of all the things we want to say and do but it does get better as our brain grows.
With many of us working desk jobs and moving around less than we used to, the specter of ...
Researchers are confirming ways to invoke people can invoke positive feelings through solitude, activity, and thinking of the future
The coping mechanisms children learn to use in volatile relationships fail to serve them as adults. Learning healthy strategies takes awareness and acceptance.
quality dental implants with digital imaging.
China is infamous for its terrible air quality, which has become so bad in some cities that solar ...
Our fear of infections led to sewage and water management, but may have kicked off the allergy epidemic as we over-sterilized our bodies and environment.
A new study found a remarkable difference between organic vs conventionally grown apples, or rather a difference in the microbes they hosted.
Older patients often have to choose between quality of life and length of life, a tough decision many doctors aren't adequately helping them make.
Social media companies manipulate users to consume their time and then sell their data so they can be targeted by companies. We deserve something better.
Holding on to past injustices can stunt our ability to take ownership of our life and move towards becoming the person we want to be.
Reducing alcohol use by as little as a pint or two a week week may have long-term health benefits for people with diabetes.
Cancer is one of the most common diseases of our age, and yet those who face it rarely ...
An introduction to the ancient grain teff, what makes it special, how to use it, and its role in African food traditions.
Drinking tea has plenty of health benefits. Whilst there are many different teas on the market, this brew ...
Illinois became the first state in the nation to require insurance companies to pay for EpiPen injectors for ...
A new futuristic-style bodysuit with live bacteria embedded in it could help combat those body odors.