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While honey should have its place in the kitchen, it also has a variety of other uses and benefits. Here are a few "outside-the-kitchen" uses for honey:
We rely on the Internet for nearly everything in life but it's a good idea to reduce your dependence on by moving more of your needs offline.
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Native American tribes used acorns as one of their primary staple foods. They even used them to make acorn coffee.
Plantain is a common weed found throughout North America. Here are some common uses for plantain and plantain leaves.
Part of being a successful hunter is being a successful tracker. A method used by successful hunters is proper spoor identification.
Scavenging can be a tricky subject because of the morality associated with stealing property that legally belongs to others. Even so, it is..
Which Winchester Model is the right model for you and which model is the best off-grid hunting weapon you can own.
A survival snares or animal trap will help feed the family during a long-term disaster or when living off the grid.
Native Americans used every part of animal they hunted, from nose to tail. Nothing was wasted, not even bones or sinew.
In our household, canning food saves a great deal of money. Canning allows me to build up an emergency stockpile of food for my family.
People have been canning tomatoes for long enough that everyone and their great-grandmother has strong opinions on how it should be done.
Following a Harvard University professor calling coconut oil poison, there's been much debate. How true are the allegations?