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Black voters are the Democrats' most reliable and influential voting bloc. But this election has underscored the tensions between those Black voters, along generational and ideological lines — which could have major consequences for turnout this fall.
New research shows "Latinx" hasn't really caught on among U.S. adults in that heritage group: While one in four have heard of the term, only 3% use it.
At a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles, a young Korean American man named Edmond Hong decided to grab a megaphone. Addressing other Asian Americans in the crowd, he described the need to stop being quiet and complacent in the fight against racism. On this episode, we talk to Edmond about why he decided to speak out. And we check in with a historian about why so many people mistakenly believe that Asian Americans aren't political.
A Muslim immigrant-owned grocery store in Minneapolis has become the center of a conversation among communities of color and minority faiths about complicity in and contributions to systemic racism.
After his daughter's racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic social media posts became public and drew backlash, an Arab Muslim business owner is trying to making amends. But is redemption possible?
After his daughter's racist and anti-LGBTQ social media posts became public, an Arab-Muslim entrepreneur is fighting to keep his once-burgeoning business alive in the middle of a national — and personal — reckoning with anti-blackness.
Why, until recently, has it been easier to talk about runners' safety for (white) women than for runners of color?
Under intense international pressure to obtain a vaccine against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, a pharmaceutical company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using its “volunteer” employees as guinea pigs in previous trials. Pharmaceutical SinoPharm announced the tests on its employees, raising serious ethical questions about the presumption of coercion, given the […]
On what would have been Diahann Carroll's 85th birthday, we're celebrating the legacy of the actress, model and singer. Reporter Sonari Glinton went to her estate sale and took a tour of some of the objects that represent important moments in Ms. Carroll's life. And because Diahann Carroll achieved so many firsts, the exhibit was more like a civil rights exhibit than an auction.
Is it possible to be counted among the number of CCP Virus (COVOID-19) infections when you haven’t even been tested for it? The answer is a resounding YES. You might be labeled as a ‘probable’ case and included in the tally. Critics maintain that including “probables” could artificially inflate COVID-19 case numbers, however, others say […]
Dr. Scott Atlas joins the list of scientists who say there is no scientific reason not to reopen schools in the fall. Only a political reason could do that, he said.  The former head of neurology at Stanford Medical Center, in an interview with Fox News, said the risk of children contracting the CCP Virus […]
Karen has become cultural shorthand for an white woman who wields her race as a cudgel. And look, we all love to hate a good Karen. But where did this archetype come from? What will the next iteration of Karen be? And what are we missing by focusing on the Karens of the world?
For two months, NBC collaborator Dr. Joseph Fair was the star of the screen, recounting in first person his experience of fighting the CCP virus.  Joseph Fair confirmed via Twitter on May 13 that he had contracted the CCP virus. Over the next few weeks, he appeared at least 10 times on various NBC programs […]
An agency that oversees international public health was put on notice that the United States would formally end relations for allegedly spreading Chinese "disinformation" about the deadly Asian disease.
While it's technically possible to win a civil lawsuit against police officers for wrongdoing, there's a reason it almost never happens: a legal technicality called qualified immunity. On this episode, we look at how a law meant to protect black people from racist violence gave way to a legal doctrine that many people see as the biggest obstacle to police reform.
As the world struggles to contain the spread of the CCP Virus (COVID-19), scientists have made an alarming discovery, and it may affect the way the virus is handled in the months to come. Airborne transmission of the CCP Virus via tiny droplets could be infectious for hours, with the current practices of social distancing […]
The Sunday Times has just made a shocking revelation: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been hiding a virus very similar to The CCP Virus [Covid-19] in the controversial laboratory in Wuhan since 2012. A report published on July 4 by the renowned British media highlights that eight years ago, Chinese scientists found the strain […]
A new study conducted by Henry Ford Health System in Southeast Michigan revealed good news regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine in patients infected with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, also known as COVID-19. The research indicated that hydroxychloroquine treatment significantly reduces the death rate in sick patients hospitalized with the virus and without heart-related […]
Every family has a myth about who they are and where they came from. And there are a lot of reasons people tell these stories. Sometimes it's to make your family seem like they were part of an important historical event. Other times, it's to hide something that is too painful to talk about. That last point can be especially true for African American families.
As Black booksellers race to meet increased demand for books about race and justice, many are dealing with complicated, sometimes painful feelings about what the new business means.